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Third Party Inspection

Third Party Inspection

OSS provides the widest range of Third party inspection services covering wide range of industrial product/ sectors – Inspection of Welding & Fabricated Metal Products, Inspection of Machinery & Equipment (Including Inspection of Cranes, Lifting Equipment’s, and Forklift). Inspection of Pipes , Pipe Joints and Gas Pipe Lines / Oil Pipe Line Installation and Commissioning ), Inspection of Wholesale & Retail Trade, Inspection of Transport & Storage, Engineering Services, Plastic & Rubber Products, Electrical products – PCB , PLC , Wire /cable , wiring Harness , Switches / Switchgear / Control Panel, MCB, Fuses , Solar Power Projects – PV , Battery , Inverter , Fabricated Parts , Optical Equipment, Textile & Textile products – Fabrics, Made-up & Garments, Leather and Leather Products – Shoes, Jackets, Accessories, Handicraft Items – Made of Brass , Copper , Gun Metal , wood , Paper and other Fabricated Handicraft Items ,Roads - Quality Audit/ Inspection, Soil Testing/ Inspection, Food Product Inspection , Inspection of Food establishment as per GMP/GHP practices & Inspection Telecom/ Power supply – Tower Fabrication / Erection , Installation and Commissioning.

Any Interested organization looking for third party inspection services then OSS certification is a upcoming leading Third party inspection agency and inspection service provider and offers best services related to third party inspection which includes the – Inspection of Raw Material, In-process inspection, Witnessing of Testing, Final inspection and testing of product, Vendor Audit and Design review.

The OSS is having highly dedicated experienced and competent team of Engineers with vast industrial experience in the field of inspection & testing of products as per Indian standards and International standards (ASTM, API, DIN, JIS, JASO, EC, and ANSI etc.), Regulatory Body for regulation of products and Customer specifications.

Why Inspection is required?

The competition in commercial arena has led to the development and improvement of various modes of the production process. Every next company is striving hard to get on to the first position in the market by hook or by crook. This heating competition and a strong desire to rule the market and enjoy monopoly have in turn led to the introduction of unfair means of selling products. Use of low quality raw materials to lessen the price of the product is the prime practice which has activated the role of Third Party Inspection in the corporate world. Moreover, there exist many other flaws throughout the stages of the production process from designing to construction and finally during packaging. Therefore it is imperative that proper quality inspection is made at all or at least at critical important steps to ensure the quality of services or product.

Now, the question arises, what is Third Party Inspection?

Third Party Inspection in simple words means putting a check on the working process in business world at every stage from some external/not related entity which has required expertise in validation & checking of that process. The external entity is called Third party, since it is neither the producer nor the buyer of the product or services being inspected. A product or service goes through number stages before it is available in the market for the final customers. Third Party Inspection is basically related to the task of scrutiny at different stages of production in order to maintain the level of quality and confidence of the customer in business.

Third Party Inspection

Third Party inspection is carried by some outsourced agency having proven track record/specific skillset for testing and ensuring the quality of product/process/services.
Third Party Inspection or Category A basically complies with the ISO 17020 standard and strictly adheres to the norms of quality check. Specially focused specialized inspection is provided in various industries like Oil, gas, pipelines, machinery, fertilizers, chemicals, infrastructure, pharmaceuticals, food, telecom, transportation and others.
Third Party Inspection finally aids in winning the confidence of customers in product and maintain the standard as per the requirement.

Third Party Inspection Entity could not be involved in following tasks:

The main job of any Third Party Inspection is to firmly perform the role of quality check and inspection during different stages. They must not be involved in the process of designing, construction, fabrication, procurement or installation. Their work is restricted to the process of testing.

How to choose a Third Party Inspection company?

At present there is plethora of agencies available in market that provides Third Party Inspection to the one who demands. In order to maintain the standard of Inspection company there are some criteria to be fulfilled by every company. Some of them are mentioned below:

Why Third Party inspection is necessary?

There are various types of inspection done during the entire process of quality check at different stages. These inspections are:

Accurate and reliable Third Party Inspection is always beneficial for a successful business as it helps in not only sustaining the standard of quality but also in winning the faith of customers to a great extent.

Third party inspection also comes handy when their lack of expertise in parent company to check the product relevant criteria’s.
Sometimes due to government regulation it’s mandatory to carry out third party inspection of particular products from some government/government approved agencies.

OSS Third Party Inspection Services covers the following:

Benefits of Third Party Inspection

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