ISO 9001 Certification

About ISO 9001 Quality Certification

ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 Certification is well known Quality Management System governing the QMS of certified company comprises generic standard requirements. ISO 9001 certification will give your organization an excellent quality system that will provide you a better foundation for better customer satisfaction and continual improvement. In ISO 9001, 9001 is a document standard number which defines requirement for quality management system and its latest version was launched on 15th of November 2008. There are some of the key factors that every organization with ISO 9001 Certification must follow:

  • Certification must be reviewed annually.
  • Certification must be renewed in every 3 years.
  • An organization must follow the way of doing business that promotes quality.
  • 27 page documents of ISO 9001 have to be followed by the organization.

Basically ISO 9001 requires management to show, record and quality. The important aspect which is covered comes under the ISO 9001 certification is as follows:-

Important aspects covered by ISO 9001

  • General Requirement
  • Management Responsibilities
  • Method Determining
  • Management of Resources
  • Process Monitoring
  • Realization of Products
  • Document Policy

Merits of implementing ISO 9001

  • Effective use of resources in an organization
  • Better Processing of the organization
  • Improvement in performance of the organization.
  • Customer satisfactory level increases
  • Improves decision making of an organization

Requirement for ISO 9001

The ISO 9001 provides a set of standard that will guide you in applying Quality Management System in any organization in any industry. ISO 9001 also requires demonstrating the ability, quality, consistency and aim to enhance customer satisfaction. The requirement details of ISO 9001 Certificate are given blow:-

1. Quality Management – It includes the requirements of Identification of processes, sequencing of processes, interaction of processes, development/ identification, information for monitoring and measurement the processes, apart from it documentation requirements, requirements of Quality Manual, Control of documents and records.

2. Management Responsibility- Top Management commitment, Customer focus, establishing the Quality policy and objectives, establishing role, responsibility and authority for all personal of the organizations ISO Certification is required.

3. In Resource Management - Human resource, infrastructure and work environment also required the ISO Certification.

4. Product realization - Planning for product realization, customer related processes, Design and development, Purchasing, production and service provision, Control of monitoring and measuring equipment.

5. Measurement, analysis and improvement- Customer satisfaction, internal audit, Monitoring and measurement of product, Analysis of data, continual improvement,Monitoring and measurement of processes etc.

Structure of ISO 9001

The structure of ISO 9001 is divided in to 8 sections in which “1, 2, 3” include Introduction, Scope, Normative reference, Terms etc. else other section includes-

Section 4 – Context of the organization like organizational structure, processes, procedure and resources. These are totally needed to improve quality management.

Section 5- Management responsibilities like top management are responsible for handling the implementation of quality objectives.

Section 6- Resource management such as people, buildings, machines, software, and anything required to build a product required to build a product organization has to manage.

Section 7- Product Realization- How an organization is planning, developing, processing, preserving products and producing.

Section 8- Measurement, Analysis and Improvement of the products time to time so that customer satisfaction will be served.

Therefore, in order to manage the quality of the management of an organization, the quality of the products/services and improve quality or performance in every aspect of the organization ISO 9001 Certification is necessary. It can’t only show the slandered of the organization but also shows the Better Processing of the organization which increases Customer satisfactory level.

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