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ISO 14001(EMS) Lead Auditor Training Course
About ISO 14001 Standard is an Environmental Management System. This EMS standard has specific requirements related to Environmental Management to which organization subscribes. The requirements of EMS standards is Setting up of EMS policy & objective of the organization, Identification Environmental Aspects, which shall be created by organization through its activities, Product, services and its Environmental impacts, setting up of the control measure on significant environmental aspects, monitoring the EMS performance, Compliance to Applicable Legal requirements, Operational control, identification of potential environmental emergency situation and its preparedness.
Lead Auditor Training Recognition
The Lead Auditor Training course offered is meeting the Exemplar Global (RABQSA) TPECS Certification Requirements and recognized by many organization worldwide.
ISO 14001:2004(EMS) Lead Auditor Training Methodology
ISO 14001 Lead Auditor Training course has been designed considering the process approach methodology (P-D-C-A), to ensure the enhancement of competency of participants during the each stage Training course and meet the Exemplar Global (RABQSA) competency requirements. The entire class room training shall be interactive to optimize the participation of candidate. During training many techniques (like case study, workshops, Role play, Group discussion & Home Exercise) used to enhance the participants knowledge and skill. So that at the end of training participant shall demonstrate his/ her competency while auditing/ implementing the quality of environmental processing System in the organization.
Objective of ISO 14001:2004(EMS) Lead Auditor Training Course
  • Participants understand the principle of Environmental Management System.
  • Participants understand the requirements and application Environmental Management System.
  • Participants understand the requirements of EMS Documentation requirements, Environmental aspects & impact analysis, operational control etc
  • Participants demonstrate the competency in implementation of EMS.
  • Participants develop the Knowledge and Skill for Auditing of EMS.
Who Should Attend ISO 14001 Lead Auditor Training
  • Those who require a detailed knowledge of ISO 14001 and its requirements.
  • Those who are involved in ISO 14001/ EMS assessment of suppliers and potential suppliers, such as Management Representatives, Environmental Managers, Engineers, and Consultants.
  • Person Responsible for EMS internal audit function within the organization.
  • Top Management of the organization seeking for ISO 14001 certification.
  • Person who want to become an EMS Auditor.
Outline of ISO 14001 Lead Auditor Training Course
  • EMS scope, EMS Terms & Definitions requirements and its Application
  • EMS requirements and its Application
  • EMS Policy, EMS Aspects & impact analysis, setting up the objective and targets
  • Legal requirements and its compliances, Operational control.
  • Communication, Identification of Environmental emergency situation and its preparedness.
  • EMS Documentation requirements, internal Auditing and Management review meeting.
  • Monitoring and measurements of Environmental performance.
  • Explanation of Types of Audit, Audit Principles and Auditor Attributes
  • Explanation of NC Finding and NC report writing technique
  • Explanation of Audit Check list Preparation
  • Explanation of Audit Team selection, Audit planning
  • Opening meeting and interaction with Auditee.
  • Document Review Audit
  • Onsite Audit technique
  • Audit report writing technique
  • Closing meeting
At the end of the ISO 14001(EMS) Lead Auditor Training course the participants shall be able to:
  • Interpret correctly the requirements of ISO 14001 and apply to the an organization for EMS implementation.
  • Conduct an effective Gap Analysis/ Internal Audit/ Supplier Audit/ Third Party Certification Audit.
  • Initiate Improvements in the Environmental Management System effectiveness.
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