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Exemplar Global (RABQSA)
RABQSA a Global leading organization for the Personal certification. This organization has been formed in year 2005, with merger of two world leading organization (RAB Register Accreditation Board of USA & QSA- The Quality Society of Australia). The Exempler Global is the new name for RABQSA International and iNARTE. For more information about RABQSA kindly visit
The Exemplar Global (RABQSA) Training certificate are being recognized by IRCA (UK), NRBPT (India), IEMA (UK), CCAA (China) and many more world leading organization dealing in the personal certification.
Benefits for Professional (RABQSA Training)
  • Improve Knowledge and Skill in the relevant Management System certification.
  • Improve the skill for Third Party Audit.
  • Improve the Skill for Internal Audit.
  • Professional demonstrate excellent competency in the relevant management system standard and improve the chance for career advantage.

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