Benefits of ISO 9001 certification for small businesses.

N. Pompi Devi
52 years ago
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ISO 9001 basically refers to the international standards that defines the requirements of Quality Management System (QMS). It is the most popular among the other ISO 9000 series.

Now, can small businesses get certified for ISO 9001?

The answer is yes. ISO 9001 is meant for all businesses whether they are small or big.

As such, it does not take into considerations of the size or industry of your organization.

How can ISO 9001 be beneficial for small businesses?

By getting ISO 9001 certification, your business can indeed get a much-needed boost in terms of performance, relations, services as well as in international markets.

1) Positive customer relationship

The ISO 9001 approach allows you to have a positive and trusting relationship with your customers/clients. By getting an ISO 9001 certification, the customers build trust in your organization because the customer is made aware that he is dealing with an internationally certified company. Moreover, ISO 9001 emphasizes on meeting the basic quality management principles of customer satisfaction.

2) Your business gains structure

ISO 9001 helps your business to gain a framework that will further enhance your performance or productivity. There is implementation of innovative techniques that allows your employees to work more effectively and there is also more engagement. Your business will run smoothly, securely and tightly.

3) Increases Opportunities

Some clients or companies in the international market look to deal business with only those organizations that are ISO 9001 certified. As such, once your business gets certification, you are likely to get more preference than those who are not certified and therefore, you enjoy a number of opportunities.

4) Financial benefits

ISO 9001 focuses on managing the quality of your products or services. When the quality of your products or services is consistent, then there is high customer retention and you also get to deal with new business. As a result, your business enhances and therefore, your profit margin increases leading to financial benefits.

5) Lowers risks rates

ISO 9001 implements risk-based thinking. This helps you to understand what are the risks that your business can or will face through risk-assessments. Your business will not have a high chance of running into any risks as they might have already been weeded out and their solutions already planned.

In conclusion, ISO 9001 certification has numerous positive benefits for small businesses. Therefore, it is worth considering getting certified.