COVID -19 Safety Compliance Audit

COVID -19 Safety Compliance Audit, Food Safety Audit, Hygiene Rating, Food Safety Supervisor Training

COVID -19  Safety Compliance Audit

COVID -19 Safety Compliance Audit – We are providing COVID -19 Safety Compliance Audit in India.  The Safety Audit will provide the Confidence to the organization , Customer and Interested Partry. The organization has maintained the all safety compliance to meet the COVID-19 Safety requirements are safe.


We are an FSSAI Recognized Food Safety Audit organization in India.


We are providing Customized COVID -19 Safety Audit to Hotel & Restaurants.


We have developed the COVID -19 Audit checklist considering the requirement and parameter to ensure that all the COVID-19 Safety paraments are covered in Assessment.


So that the organization can take the necessary action to prevent the further spared of COVID -19 and when the compliance meets.


The organization can self-declare the COVID Compliance organization.


We have Team of highly experienced Food Safety Auditor, who has vast experience in Auditing / Inspection of FBO for Food Safety


Our Team is well Trained on the COVID-19 Safety requirement.


Food Safety Audit

As per the requirement of FSSAI – Food Safety Audit is one of the key requirements of Food Business Operators.


To ensure the compliance of FSSAI, the FBO must  opt to go for Food Safety  Audit by FSSAI recognized Food Safety Audit organization and marinating the compliance as per FSSAI – Schedule -IV


Hygiene Rating to Hotel and Restaurants

We are an FSSAI recognized Hygiene Rating Agency in India, providing Hygiene Rating to HOTEL and Restaurants as per FSSAI requirements & Guidelines.



Food Safety Supervisor Training

As per the FSSAI regulations, Food Safety Supervisor Training is one of the key requirements of the FBO.  The Food Business operators have at least one FSSAI Certified Food Safety Supervisor out 25 Food Handlers in the organization.