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The pollution free environment provides safe and healthy life to living things (including human, animal, Insects, Flora, fauna etc) also save the natural resources for deteriorations. As we all know that Plants, Tree, Insects, natural resources play an important role to maintain the balance in the environment. So, unless until our environments are pollution free, we cannot think about perfect environment for living. As per Environmental Experts, in current business practices, economic condition, Industrial revolutions, changes in demand & supply in the market to meets the needs of consumers, the business organization are one of the contributor of Pollutions to the environment , irrespective of the any type of the business activities in The United Kingdom(UK) , they are created the pollutions directly or indirectly such as misuses of Natural resources, improper waste management , improper water uses or discharges , Polluting the air , creating the Noise pollutions , cutting plants & tree , use of material which are not environmental friendly , land evacuations , etc so on.

ISO 14001 Certification UK

There are several other activities which are directly or indirectly affecting the environment causing imbalance to the environment , thus it become the challenge to environment . So, thinking all this facts and potential challenge to the environment, the expert’s advice to all the stakeholders of society to take initiatives to prevent the environment for current and future generations by adopting the practices of Environmental management system, even a small initiatives and contribution of each stakeholder of the society can make big changes to the Environments. So, the organization in The United Kingdom (UK) can take the best possible efforts initiatives for Environmental performance enhancement by proper identification of significant environmental aspects and controlling the same to reduce its impact on environment. Considering the importance of Environmental protections, the organization in the United Kingdom (UK), must adopt ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System in the organization, with proper advice from ISO Certification Services provider organization in UK to understand the requirements of ISO 14001 Certification in UK from an Accredited ISO Certification Body in UK.

What is Environmental Management System (EMS) and It’s Advantages For organization in The United Kingdom (UK) for ISO 14001 Certification?

ISO 14001 is an Environmental Management system Standard, also in the practices its known as EMS Standard – which was published by International organization of Standardization (ISO), in view to further enhancement of the environmental performance of the organization by meeting the compliance requirements. This ISO 14001 Standard provide a framework requirement for organizations to safeguard the environment and respond to changing environmental conditions, by proper controlling the impacts of Significant environmental aspects of the organization.

When the organization in UK, choose this ISO 14001 Standard for implementation in the organization in view to further enhancement of the Environmental performance and compliance, there are several advantages to the organization with the EMS, but few are the most prominent advantages for ISO 14001 Certification in UK and aim of this ISO 14001 are

  • Protect the environment from environmental pollutions -such as Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Land Pollution, Noise Pollution, misuse of Natural Resources on.
  • Reducing the significant Environmental aspects presents in Process, products, which reacts with environment leads to environmental pollutions
  • Provides the Opportunity to meets the compliance (Legal & other requirements) related to Environmental Management.
  • Increasing environmental performance and efficiency of the organization.
  • Provide opportunity for thinking of life cycle perspective of the products and finding the alternate products /raw material -which should be environmentally friendly. So that it can be re-cycles or re-used after the end of life of products.
  • Financial and operational benefits by applying ecologically friendly alternatives that improve the company’s market position

How to implement Environmental Management System (EMS) for ISO 14001 Certification UK for the Organization?

The Implementation of Environmental Management System -ISO 14001 is one the key requirements for ISO 14001 Certification in UK or anywhere across the industry. Without Implementation of EMS in the organization the organization can not gain the its advantages along with this certification. So, the organization first of all understand the requirements of ISO 14001 Standard, do the proper gap analysis and do the proper changes in documents, records or infrastructures (if required) to meet the gap analysis and requirements of ISO 14001. After the Gap analysis the organization, integrate the EMS requirements with the current practices of the organization. So that the compliances of EMS can be maintained, monitored in the organization on routine basis, without any extra efforts, resources, which turn into meeting the objective of EMS and enhance the organization performance.

During the EMS implementation organization may have the many documents and records to demonstrate the EMS compliance, there is no limit of keeping the documents & records of compliances. But some of the Documents & records are important for ISO 14001 Certification, that must be keep in the organization at least for EMS certification, these are the followings

  • Environmental Policy and Objective of the organization
  • Standard Operating Producers (SOP) of each key process and functions of the organization.
  • Identification of Environmental aspects and Its Impact Analysis.
  • Identification of Applicable Legal requirements and It’s Compliance record
  • Monitoring record of Environmental performance of Different activities & process of the organization.
  • Finding the Internal & External issues along with need & Expectations of Interested Party in context of Environmental Management – do the proper Risk Analysis, take the necessary control Measure to address them.
  • Identification of Potential Emergency Situation, which could affect the organization – Do the preparedness of the Potential Emergency Situations and do the periodic Mock drill to ensure the that preparedness is effective.
  • Conduct Internal Audit Periodically and maintain the records of Internal Audit.
  • Conduct Management Review Meeting Periodically and maintain the records of Management review meeting.

What is ISO 14001 Certification process to get ISO 14001 Certification UK?

As per the Management System Certification requirements, the ISO 14001 Certification process are the Standards certification process – which are being followed the any ISO Certification activities. The Steps for ISO 14001 Certification are given below.

  • Implementation of EMS in the organization
  • Apply to Certification Body
  • Visit of Certification Body Audit Team to the organization for Audit of Implemented EMS
  • Audit Findings & Audit Report Preparation by Audit Team and submitting to Certification Body for necessary activities.
  • Review of Audit Report Submitted by Audit Team and award of ISO 14001 Certification to the organization, after necessary Certification decision activities.

These are the steps of ISO 14001 Certification process, where all the Certification Bodies in UK or across the ISO Certification services providers followed the same.

To get ISO 14001 Certification in UK , the organization apply to ISO Certification in UK , get Quote to know the Cost of ISO 14001 Certification . After acceptance of Cost of ISO 14001 Certification and other Credentials of Certification Body, apply for ISO 14001 Certification, after receipt of the application the certification body follow the Steps of ISO Certification given above to issue the Certification.

Benefits of ISO 14001 Certification In United Kingdom (UK)

The most prominent benefits of ISO 14001 Certification are

  • Enhancement of Environmental Performance of the organization
  • Enhancement of Compliance to applicable Legal requirements
  • Potential Financial gain to organization by controlling the misuse of natural resources -such as Energy, power, Land, water etc.
  • Enhancement of Credibility of the organization.

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