ISO 14001 Certification: What and Why.

N. Pompi Devi
52 years ago
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ISO 14001 Certification basically refers to the international standards that ensures to implement a systematic framework for your business in order to manage the current as well as future environmental impacts of your business’ products or services.

If ISO 14001 is implemented alongside with ISO 9001, then it can be a great way of meeting the goals of your organization for prevention of pollution , saving the natural resources , Energy etc

Why should you implement ISO 14001?

It is important for organizations to be aware of their impacts on the environment. By being aware and letting others know that YOU are aware, can be great in setting forth your business to higher levels.

1) Positive image

By having an ISO 14001 certification, your business will be acknowledged to be environmentally aware. As such, you promote a positive image of your organization. This in turn will help you to build credibility with your customers, your community and also help you to maintain a positive public image. All of these factors can in turn help you to improve your market relations with interested parties.

2) Improve compliance with legal environmental regulations

ISO 14001 will provide you with a framework that helps your business to identify, improve and comply with the legal environmental regulations of individual countries. It will also help you to maintain your compliance.

3) Will help reduce costs

Gaining an ISO 14001 certification will help you to reduce costs. How? As the ISO 14001 provides a framework, you will be able to identify, and control environmental incidents. As such, your business will likely be able to save up the costs that goes to repair damages, fines and clean-ups.

4) Can increase employee engagement

If given the choice between working for an organization that is environmentally aware and one which is not, it is most probable that the employees will choose the first option. By emphasizing on the betterment of the environment, the employees will be focused in a group effort to reduce your company’s environmental footprints. As such, there is higher level of employee engagement.

5) Quicker improvements

ISO 14001 ensure that your company is continuously improving. It starts off as small improvements such as reducing costs and enhancing your organization’s image, to bigger improvements. Your employees will be engaged in trying to find unique and innovative processes through which your company’s environmental footprints can be reduced. As such, your business will be able to save on time and resources on the discovery of different processes.