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ISO 14001

ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System, EMS

ISO 14001

Environmental Management System

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ISO 14001.

Standard requirements of ISO 14001 – This standard is broadly defined in 07 Main Clause/ Sections and further in Sub-Clause/ Sub-Sections (Clause 4 Context of the organization, Clause – Leadership, Clause 6 – Planning, Clause 7 – Support, Clause 8 – Operations, Clause 9 – performance evaluation, Clause 10 – improvements).

Clause 4 : Context of the organization, Here the organization needs to identify potential internal-external issues related to the environmental management system which can impact the organization and its management system, the organization needs to identify the needs and expectation of interested parties such as a neighbor, employee, contractor, supplier, regulatory body, parent organization, shareholders etc…, The organization needs to identify the scope of certification and its applicability to the EMS based on the nature of the work/ activities done in the organization considering the requirements in clause 4.1/4.2 of the standard,

Documents required for Clause 4:

  • internal external issues,
  • Needs and expectation of interested parties,
  • Scope of certification and its applicability.


  • Here in the clause, the organization needs to define the EMS policy appropriate to the organization based on its activities and nature of the work,  the policy shall provide the framework while defining the objectives, the organizations need the policy to disclosed and make it available to interested parties,  the EMS Coordinator / Top Management Representative shall be responsible for the implementation of the management system within the organization, it shall identify the mode of communication of the policy at relevant stages and levels, the organization shall identify and communicate the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements to the organization and ensure the compliances are met, the top management shall focus on the customer requirements, define the role, responsibilities and authority at relevant stages and functions considering their work activities, experience, skill & knowledge.

Documents required for Clause 5:

  • EMS Policy.
  • Legal Register identifying the applicable regulatory requirements
  • Role and Responsibility (Job Description).
  • Organizational chart

Clause 6 Planning – in this clause the organization needs to define the criteria to identify the significant and non-significant risk arised from the context of the organization (internal/ External), needs and expectation of interested parties, Aspect impact, the risk can be identified and opportunities can provide an option to adopt new technologies, ideas etc considering the environmentally friendly, .. And action can be initiated to reduce the impact of the risk or even eliminate the risk,

The organization needs to identify the environmental aspects and analysis its impacts considering the organization context/ activities, when identifying the aspects the product and services requirements and out of the product to be considered, the normal conditions to use the organization and potential emergency situations arising from the same, and the organization should identify the Life cycle perspective of the material produced by itself,

In this clause the organization should define the quality objectives for the relevant function, the objectives shall be consistent to the EMS policy, measurable, consider the applicable regulatory requirements, objectives to be communicated to all functions, all the objectives shall be updated from time to time and monitor the same, finally the planning to the objectives needs to be done by the organization.

The organization shall identify the applicable legal and other requirements arising from the product/ service/ context of the organization/ needs and expectation of interested parties/ Risk Assessment and from Local/ National regulatory bodies, and Planning to achieve the compliances and when planning the organization should consider the technological options, operational and business requirements.

Documents required for Clause 6:

  • Risk Register with Mitigation plan,
  • Quality objective planning and monitoring sheet.
  • Aspect impact Reister.
  • Legal Register.



  • In this clause, all the requirements to the support services are described. Support services to comply to the scope of certification, standard requirements, support such as competent manpower, in fracture to achieve the product & Service conformity, develop of the environmental friendly work environment to achieve the product / Service conformity, ensuring the availability of the proper monitoring and measuring resource, Calibration of the equipment and ensuring the traceability of the master equipment and lab, ,
  • The organization shall define the competence criteria for each process and function, provide awareness training to relevant functional level employees and maybe to all employees, Defining the media of communication internal and external, and communicate all the relevant information at relevant stages/ function and each employee.
  • All the document information (SOP) relevant standard requirements need to be developed so the system runs smoothly and should be communicated to all.

Documents required for Clause 7:

  • Competency Matrix
  • Training Plan,
  • Training effectiveness.

CLAUSE 8. Operations,

  • Here the organization needs to implement the operational planning and its control for the Risk identified from the internal-external issue, needs and expectation, needs and expectation of interested parties, aspect impact analysis, and the control over the outsourced Processes and sees whether the Management system gets influenced due the outsourcing,
  • The organization shall establish the controls as appropriate to the product during the designing stages and define the life of the product and its use.
  • The organization should inform the relevant environmental requirements t the external providers/ contractors, the organization should provide information about the potential impacts to the users end to life and method of disposal after the product life is completed,
  • The organization needs to develop the emergency plan considering the potential environmental emergency situations, the organization should conduct mock drill considering the same and the records shall be maintained and the effectiveness should be changed, and the organization shall define the frequency for conducting the mock drill,

Documents required for Clause 8

  • Aspect impact analysis report along with the operational control.
  • Emergency Plan,
  • Documented procedure for Emergency Preparedness and response,
  • Documented information for Operational control.
  • Mock Drill Report.

CLAUSE 9 – Performance Evaluation.

  • The clause requires the organization will define what all parameter needs to be monitored such as risk identified considering the Aspect impact, internal-external issues, needs, and expectations of interested parties, environmental performance such as noise level, sound level, air quality etc…, consumption of natural resource utilization such as electricity, water, diesel petrol, paper, cotton, oil etc,…, monitor the waste disposal as per the regulation such as Hazard waste manifesto.
  • Monitoring the EMS performance of the organization
  • The organization shall also monitor the applicable legal, regulatory, and other requirements, its compliances, and the compliances to the condition under which the license or permission is been granted.
  • The internal audit shall be done as per planned intervals minimum once in a year, the organization can outsource a consultant for conducting the Internal audit in case the organization is small in size, or it can train its own employees for the same, it shall prepare an annual plan, schedule, conduct the audit and verify the effectiveness of the management system implemented in their organization, and close the audit findings as per procedure if any,
  • Management review shall be done as per planned intervals minimum once in a year, the organization needs to circulate the agenda for MRM, then the MRM shall be done as per plan and the output of the MRM shall be recorded and maintained and monitored

Documents required for Clause 9

  • EMS Performance evaluation record.
  • Environmental test reports.
  • Hazard waste manifesto for waste disposal.
  • Resource consumption records.
  • Internal audit plan.
  • Internal audit schedule
  • Internal audit report
  • Corrective action report.
  • Document information for internal audit and management review.
  • Agenda for MRM,
  • Minutes of Meeting (MRM) along with the outputs.

Clause – 10.0.- Improvements.

  • The clause requirements call for the Non-conformity and corrective action related to the environmental management system, The organization needs to develop a documented information for controlling the non-conformity and corrective action, at first the organization needs to identify the route cause imitate the correction and take the corrective action to eliminate the route cause.
  • Identify the improvement projects, to reduce the risk/impact on the environment, reduce the Natural resource usage.


Documents Required for Clause 10.

  • Documented information for controlling the non-conformity and corrective action.
  • Corrective action report,
  • Continual improvement project records.

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