ISO 22000 Certification in Dubai

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Food, as one of the three basic necessities of endurance, plays an important role in the presence of all living beings, particularly humans. They require food, and it must be the highest quality in order for them to receive all essential supplements. Regardless, the cutting-edge food industry has fostered a proclivity for proving as much as possible safe food to its consumers, but even the safe food prepared by the organization, which come across through the entire food supply chain to reach to Consumer, which may cause the contamination for Food Safety Hazards , as a result, people are suffering after consuming the food. The International organization of Standardization (ISO) for Food Safety Management in the entire Food supply chain in view to enhancement of Food Safety of the products in totality.

Thus, ISO 22000:20018 -Food Safety Management System Standard, becomes possibly the most important factor in ensuring Safety of food directly from farm to fork! It is a set of food safety requirements that the organization must follow. The confirmation aids them in recognizing dangers and implementing preventive or therapeutic measures to make them fit for human use. Essentially, this standard and requirements are for businesses involved in food assembly and preparation. As a result, ISO 22000 Certification in Dubai, UAE may become essential for organizations engaged in food-related activities such as food producer, carrier, processor, packager, bottler, retailer, or food worker. In fact, these units are required to apply for and obtain an ISO 22000 certification in order to easily maintain their business. The organization approach to dealing with accredited ISO Certification body in Dubai, UAE offering ISO 22000 Certification in Dubai.

ISO 22000 Certification in Dubai

What is ISO 22000 Certification?

ISO 22000 Certification is a Food Safety Management System Certification, when the organization obtained ISO 22000 Certification in Dubai, UAE. Which build the confidence in consumer that, this organization is an ISO 22000 Certified organization, then the all-food safety requirements are being followed by this organization and its supply chain, which turn to build trust, confidence on the ISO 22000 Certified organization bring the popularity & more business to organization by enhancing customer satisfaction. For ISO 22000 Certification, the organization need to implement the Food Safety Management System requirements in the organization, by developing the Policy, Procedures, maintain the records of monitoring & measurements. The Documents & records for ISO 22000 Certification are given below, which must be maintained at least in the organization prior to apply to ISO Certification Bodies in Dubai, UAE.

  • Food Safety Policy and Objective
  • SOP for each process
  • Process Flow Chart
  • Establishment of Role, Responsibility and Authority of each personal involve in Food Supply Chain for Food Safety.
  • Food Safety Hazard Analysis
  • PPR’S Monitoring record
  • HACCP Plan
  • CCP’s Monitoring Record
  • Calibration record of Monitoring & Measurement Instruments
  • Process monitoring record
  • Product inspection & Testing Record
  • Risk Analysis record
  • Training Record on Food Safety to employee
  • Internal Audit and Management Review meeting records

What are the Benefits of the organization for ISO 22000 Certification in Dubai?

As per the Food Expert view in UAE, there are several benefits to organization after ISO 22000 Certification in Dubai, UAE, out of that the most common advantages of ISO 22000 Certification, which may get all the organization, irrespective of their business activities in Food related.

  • Overall Enhancement for Food Safety in Supply Chain
  • Enhancement of Compliances in Legal requirements of Food Safety
  • Customer Satisfaction Enhancement
  • Organization many get new business opportunity, overall financial gain to organization
  • Reduced the rejections
  • Potential opportunity for expansion of Business

How we process the Application for ISO 22000 Certification in Dubai, UAE?

The organization involve in Food Business in Dubai, UAE looking for ISO 22000 Certification or wanted to know how to get ISO 22000 certification along with the process involved, to enhance the Food Safety in the completed food supply chain to build up the credibility among the customer. The organization need to develop the required documents, implement then and maintain the necessary record of compliances. Contact to ISO Certification Bodies in Dubai, UAE get the proposal to know the cost of ISO 22000 Certification. once proposal received from ISO Certification Body and accepted, apply for ISO 22000 Certification. The Certification body process your application and follow the following steps for issue of Certificate.

  • Receipt of application and application review
  • Audit Team Assignment for Audit of ISO 22000:2018
  • Onsite Audit
  • Certification Decision
  • Award of Certificate

Why you Choose us for ISO 22000 Certification in Dubai, UAE

We are an accredited ISO Certification Body, providing Management System Certification on ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, ISO 45001, ISO 27001 Certification and many more compliance certification such as HACCP Certification, GMP Certificate etc. We are into the services of Management System Certification since 2008, have certified many organizations of different vertical across the world. Our Accredited Management System Certification is valid and accepted the across the country, business Clients.

The Food business organization located in Dubai, UAE, looking for enhancement of Food Safety Compliance, Customer Satisfaction and further growth of Business across the nation, contact us to get accredited ISO 22000 Certification for your business.


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