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ISO 22000 Certification USA helps the organization for enhancement of Food Safety, Customer Satisfaction and compliance requirements of Food Safety.FSMS In USA



Food Safety Management – as it is a very common requirements of every human being to consume the safe food, the food we consumed should be free from any contamination (Food Safety Hazards -such as Physical, Chemical, Biological Hazard etc). The safe food provides the health life to everyone.  So, any organization in United States of America (USA) involved in any activities related to food – such as Farming, Processing, manufacturing, packing, serving, cooking, catering, warehousing, Trading, transporting etc so on. If they have awareness about Food Safety and handling the food products in such a way that, when they deliver the products to end consumers for consumptions are safe and free from any contaminations. Then all together efforts are known as the Food Safety. ISO 22000 certification USA/>

But when the business organization in Food related business, unless until adopt some standard Food Safety practices in the organization, the assurance of Food safety cannot be assured every time, without any system. Considering the Food Safety Importance FDA and World Health organization (WHO) has published the several Guideline requirements for Food Safety to be adopted by the organization in USA, who are in the business of Food products, to assure the Food Safety in their Products.  Taking the Inputs from all Industry Stakeholder and Experts -ISO has taken the opportunity for Development and Publication of Food Safety Management System Standard (FSMS). When the organization adopt this FSMS – ISO 22000 Standard in the organization, they can assure the Food Safety in the entire Food Supply chain by preventing contamination. ISO 22000-Food Safety Management System Standard – helps the organization for enhancement of Food Safety, Customer Satisfaction and compliance requirements of Food Safety.

The organization may take the opportunity to implement this ISO 22000 Standard in the organization for further enhancement of Food Safety, also build the confidence among the customers after ISO 22000 Certification in USA, by accredited ISO Certification in USA.
<h2><strong>What is Food Safety Management System (FSMS) and its advantages to the organization in USA for Food Safety Certification?</strong></h2>
Food Safety Management System (FSMS) -ISO 22000 Standard- The adopting of this ISO 22000 Standard for implementation in the organization in United States of America (USA) for the organization involve in Food supply chain is a strategic decision for an organization that can help to improve its overall performance in food safety. This FSMS standard provides the requirements -such as Food Hazard identification and Risk Analysis, developing the Process Flow Chart, Develop Food Safety Team after proper Training on Food Safety, Hygiene & Sanitation, Develop HACCP Plan, Critical Control Points (CCP) for monitoring, Develop the Pre-requisite Monitoring plan checklist for Infrastructure and many other related monitoring system – to ensure the Food Safety in entire Food Supply Chain.

There are some of the most prominent advantages for the organization in United States of America (USA) for the organization who are involved in Food Supply Chain Business for their ISO 22000 Certification in USA by leading ISO Certification Services organization in USA. The advantages are as Following (but not Limited)
 	<li>Provide the opportunity for consistently provide safe foods and products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements</li>
 	<li>Provide the opportunity to addressing risks associated with Food Safety consistently</li>
 	<li>Provide the opportunity for Continual improvement in the organization in context of Food Safety.</li>
 	<li>Provide the Opportunity for Developing the Emergency preparedness response</li>
 	<li>Provide the Development of Proper Product Withdrawal and Recall System</li>
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<h2><strong> What are the documents required to be Maintained by the Organization in United States of America for ISO 22000 Certification USA?</strong></h2>
As such there is no limitations of the documents and Records for the organization, they can keep as much as possible the documents and records in the organization to demonstrate the compliances. But Few documents & records are important – which must be maintained in the organization, prior to apply for ISO 22000 Certification to any certification Bodies in USA. These are as Followings
 	<li>Food Safety Policy and Objective</li>
 	<li>Standard operation procedures (SOP) of all the key process along with responsibility of person, who takes care of process for Monitoring & performance recording along with output of process.</li>
 	<li>Food Safety Hazard analysis</li>
 	<li>Process Flow Chart, PRP Monitoring record, HACCP plan, CCP & PRP monitoring Records.</li>
 	<li>Training Records on Food Safety, Hygiene and Sanitation, etc</li>
 	<li>Identification of Potential Food Safety Emergency situation, Its Preparedness and Mock Drill record.</li>
 	<li>Calibration record of Monitoring and Measurements equipment’s</li>
 	<li>Overall Risk Analysis of the organization in context of Food Safety – considering Internal &External issues, Need and Expectations of Interested Party and Food Safety Legal requirements (if any)</li>
 	<li>Maintain the Compliances of applicable Food Safety Legal Requirements</li>
 	<li>Food Safety Performance Monitoring Records</li>
 	<li>Internal Audit and Management review Records</li>
These are Few documents, which must be maintained by the organization, when planning for ISO 22000 Certification by any accredited ISO Certification Body in USA.
<h3><strong>What are the Benefits of ISO 22000 Certification for the Organization USA?</strong></h3>
There are several benefits for ISO 22000 Certification to the organization, who are into the business of Food Supply Chain any activities. But the most prominent benefits are as Followings
 	<li>Customer Satisfaction Enhancements</li>
 	<li>Enhancement of Compliance to Legal Requirements</li>
 	<li>Potential for New Business opportunity</li>
 	<li>Reduce the Rejections</li>
 	<li>Enhancement of Productivity and Profitability of the organization</li>
 	<li>Building the Leadership and Credibility in the Market among the business community</li>
<h3><strong>How to get ISO 22000 Certification in USA?</strong></h3>
The organization in United States of America (USA) involve in Food Business, wants to know the FSMS Certification process to get ISO 22000 Certification in USA for their organization. As per the Standards accreditation practices for Certifications are given below in steps-wise for easy understanding for user organization, as the Steps for ISO Certification as Followings.
 	<li>Implementation of FSMS in the organization</li>
 	<li>Contact to <a href=ISO Certification Service Provider in USA
  • Get the Proposal for ISO 22000 Certification to know the Cost of ISO 22000 Certification
  • Select the Certification Body, based on their accreditation, Credibility and Cost-Effective Fee structure of ISO 22000 Certification
  • Certification Body Audit Team visit your organization for FSMS Audit
  • Award of ISO 22000 Certification based on Audit Report review and Necessary Certification decision activities.
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