ISO 22301 Certification

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ISO 22301 Certification

ISO 22301 is a Management System Standard known as – Security and resilience — Business continuity management system (BCMS).

This ISO 22301 Standards provide the framework requirements for the organization to be prepared for its contingency plan for the business continuity of the organization in case of any potential events of disturbance to the business , prevent the organization from and potential unexpected incident , business loss , meeting the legislation requirements of contingency plan of the organization , failure to meets the any contractual agreements (SLA) , altogether this ISO 22301 Business continuity management System Standard , provides the opportunity to the organization to mitigate the potential risk on any potential threats of Business disturbance and keep the business continuity . When the organization adopt the Implementation of ISO 22301 BCMS in the organization for ISO 22301 Certification, it will help the organization to recover very fast from any disaster or events of any disturbance to organization also help the organization for any potential Losses, credibility of the organization, threat of data, Information security threats, client’s dissatisfaction or any potential business losses etc, so on.

What are the requirements of ISO 22301 for Implementation in the organization and ISO 22301 Certification requirements?

The BCMS is an ISO 22301 standard has the 10 Clauses, but the requirements for Business Continuity Management System for Implementation and ISO 22301 Certification are provided in Clause # 4 to Clause # 10, which are as follow

Clause # 4 – Outlines the requirements for establishing the BCMS’s appropriate context, as well as the organization’s needs, requirements, and scope.

Clause #5 -Outlines the exact requirements for top management’s position in the BCMS, as well as how leadership communicates its expectations to the organization through a policy statement.

Clause# 6– Outlines the prerequisites for developing the BCMS’s overall strategic objectives and guiding principles.

Clause # 7 – Outlines the requirements for BCMS operations such as establishing competence and communicating with interested parties on a recurring/as-needed basis, all while documenting, regulating, maintaining, and preserving essential documentation.

Clause# 8 – Outlines business continuity requirements, determines how to meet them, and establishes processes for managing the organization during a disruption.

Clause # 9 – Outlines the requirements for assessing business continuity performance, ensuring BCMS compliance with this agreement, and conducting management reviews.

Clause# 10 -Outlines for improvements such as address the nonconformities in the BCMS and takes corrective action for further improvements.

What are Documents required for Implementation of ISO 22301 for Certification?

As a general Management System Standard, the organization implementing ISO 22301 Standard in the organization for BCMS Certification, must have the following documents to be effectively implemented in the organization, such as

  • BCMS Manual – which should cover at least – Leadership Commitments, BCMS Policy and Objective, Scope of BCMS and Exclusion of Clauses (if any) with justification of Exclusion, Role, Responsibility, Authority and references of different procedures needed for Business Continuity Monitoring the plan, performance,
  • Applicable legal, regulatory and other requirements
  • Detailed about Team Competencies of personnel involved in the different process and activities of the organization.
  • Contingency Plan, its preparedness
  • Risk Analysis
  • Record of Communication with Clients & Interested party about Business Continuity and its mitigation plan.
  • Record of Data monitoring & measurements
  • Internal Audit and its record
  • Management Review meeting and Its record
  • Training record
  • Record of Non-Conformity and results of Corrective actions

How to get ISO 22301 Certification?

To get ISO 22301 Certification, the organization implements the requirements of BCMS, prepare the Contingency plan considering the potential disturbance and Threats of Business, Do the proper Risk Analysis along with maintain the above said documents requirements in the organization. After the implementation of BCMS apply for ISO 22301 Certification to us. Based on the Application of BCMS Certification, our Team will review the application and prepare the Audit plan for onsite Audit. Prior to Issue of ISO 22301 Certification, the followings Steps of Certification process will be followed.

The Steps of ISO 22301 Certification are

  • Stage -1 Audit
  • Stage-2 Audit
  • Certification Decision and Issue of ISO 22301 Certification

The ISO 22301 Certificate issued, will be valid for 3 Years, subject to meeting the Annual Surveillance Audit Compliance

What is the Cost of ISO 22301 Certification?

BCMS is similar to other Management system Standard, the cost of ISO 22301 Certification is derived considering the Following Factors

  • Key activities of the organization
  • Applicable Legal, regulatory and other requirements
  • Number of Employee
  • Number of operational Locations of the organization

Once the applicant organization, provides the above information along with application, our Team will provide the best competitive quote for ISO 22301 Certification.

Who can apply for ISO 22301 Certification?

Any organization irrespective of their -Size, Nature of activities may implement Business Continuity Management System to prevent its Business from any potential Disaster and can apply for ISO 22301 Certification.

What are the benefits of ISO 22301 Certification?

  • Supporting its strategic goals and gaining a competitive advantage.
  • Safeguarding and strengthening its brand and credibility
  • Helping to build organizational resilience
  • Reduce legal and financial risk
  • Reduce direct and indirect interruption costs
  • Preserving life, property, and the environment
  • Meeting the expectations of stakeholders;
  • Enhancing its ability to function during disruptions
  • Exhibiting effective and efficient risk management;
  • Address and resolving operational vulnerabilities
  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction and improve the trust of Clients & Interested Party


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