ISO 27001 Certification in Dubai, UAE

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In today’s digitized world, where cases of data and information theft are increasing at an alarming rate, the importance of ISMS is growing. ISO 27001 Certification Standard, developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), is a well-known management system that serves as a framework for an organization’s information security management system (ISMS). At a time when data security threats are increasing at an alarming rate, ISMS has become a must-have for every organization. The ISMS was first published in 2005 and has since undergone numerous revisions to address various threats to an organization’s data and information. However, because the most recent version of the ISMS was released in 2013, the current version is also recognized as ISO 27001:2013.

Considering the importance of data and information for the business, the organization must adopt the proper information security in the organization by ISO 27001 Certification in Dubai, UAE, by experience professional information security certification services providers ISO Certification Bodies providing services in Dubai, UAE.

ISO 27001 Certification in Dubai

What Is ISO 27001 Certification?

ISO 27001 Certification is defined by the most renowned and successful comprehensive framework for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) that has the capabilities to bring and ensure the integrity, privacy, and accessibility of information, including legal, regulatory compliance and other requirements related to information security i.e agreement. Keeping all of the possible aspects of ISO 27001 certification in mind, it becomes necessary to safeguard any vital assets that a business organization may have. Typically, the assets include priceless data and information. Obtaining this certification demonstrates that you and your organization are committed to following the most genuine information security practices. Furthermore, ISO 27001 certification provides you with an expert evaluation to determine whether or not your company’s data and assets are secure.

Why To Choose ISO 27001 Certification in Dubai For An Organization?

SO 27001 certification Services providers in Dubai, UAE believe that ISMS is critical to building an organization’s cybersecurity, loss of information, data of the organization, Clients, users of services of the organization which may be in confidential in nature, business secrets, intellectual property of the organization such as design, patent etc. when the organization implements information security management system requirements by proper implementation of information security controls It ensures that businesses will reap some clear benefits. These advantages include the following:

# Increased Attack Pliability: The ISMS improves company’s ability to do everything possible to protect data and information from data loss, threats, cyber-attacks etc, and so on.

# Keep and Manage Data in protested & secured manner at Place: ISMS serves as a centralized framework for protecting organization’s information. It enables to complete all of tasks.

# Information Security in Any Form: ISMS is robust and adaptable enough to secure all types of data and information, including paper-based, cloud-based, and digital data and information.

#Reduce cyber security costs: Using ISMS, you can successfully reduce the costs of adding layers of self-protective expertise following a cyber-attack.

# Improves the information security regulatory Compliances: By implementing and ISO 27001 Certification in Dubai, UAE, the organization can enhance the regulatory compliances of information security of National & International regulatory body i.e GDPR etc.

What are the documents required to be maintained in the organization for ISO 27001 Certification in Dubai, UAE?

The documents required for ISO 27001 Certification, it depends on Type & Size of the organization, but some of the documents & records are seems to be mandatory in nature, the organization must maintain, as least as minimum prior to planning for ISMS Certification by accredited ISO Certification Body in Dubai, UAE.

  • Information Security Policy and Objective
  • Statement of applicability (SOA)
  • SOP for Information security control implementation, monitoring and responsibility
  • Information Security Risk Analysis
  • Performance Monitoring record
  • Training Record
  • Internal Audit Record
  • Management Review Record

How to get Information Security Management Standard, ISO 27001 Certification in Dubai, UAE?

As industry information security experts dealing in ISO Certification and Management system certification standards practice. The organization planning for ISO 27001 Certification from accredited ISO Certification Bodies providing certification services in Dubai, UAE. The following are the Steps for Certification are

  • Implement the requirements of ISO 27001:2013
  • Maintain the documents & records of ISO 27001:2013 Compliances
  • Contact to Certification Body providing services in Dubai, UAE, get the proposal to know the Cost of ISO 27001 Certification.
  • Apply to ISO Certification once the Cost of ISO 27001 Certification is agreed & accepted and which fits to the budgets of the organization.
  • Team of Auditor from Certification Body visit for ISO 27001 Audit to verify the document, records, effectiveness of information security management system implemented in the organization. Based on Audit Findings it is recommended by them for ISO 27001 Certification to organization.
  • Award of ISO 27001 Certification to organization

Why to Choose us for ISO 27001 Certification in Dubai, UAE

We are an accredited ISO Certification Body, having diversified certification experience over 15 years and certified many organizations across the globe, including Dubai, UAE. During ISO 27001 Certification process, we will add the valued added services to organization in ongoing process, ensure that the information security of the organization meets the all-possible compliances. So that the client organization’s credibility among the clients / stakeholder will enhance, the Information security performance of the organization enhanced, the customers of the organization build the confidence on organization’s information security management, which could help the organization to get new potential business opportunity, etc so on. So, these are the value-added services makes us the different among the other services provider of ISO 27001 Certification in Dubai, UAE.

If you are planning to apply and complete all formalities and for ISO 27001:2013 certification, then knowing about the information mentioned above is informative for ISMS certification , kindly contact us to know more and fulfil the your organizational needs.


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