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ISO 27001 Certification

ISO 27001 Certification

ISO 27001 Certification 

Information Security Management System 

ISO 27001 Standard is an Information Security Management System. The main objective of this standard is the organization shall establish, implement, and maintain the information security system within the organization. Evaluate the information security Risk at each stage of operation and take the necessary action to reduce the information security risk within the organization. In common business practice, the ISO 27001 standard is also referred to as ISMS standard.


The summarized requirement details of ISO 27001 are given below :

Context Of The Organization

The organization shall identify the internal and external issues related to information security, including the legal, regulatory, and contractual requirements. Determining the scope of an information security management system and establishing the information security management system.


The top management of the organization demonstrates the leadership and commitments towards the information security management system. Set up the Information security policy and delegate role, responsibility, authority, and accountability of all concerns with the organization.



Determination of Information security Risk, establishing the Risk assessment criteria and Information security Risk assessment, establishing the action plan to control the information security Risk.


The organization shall provide the resources needed for establishing, implementation, maintenance, and continual improvement of the information security management system. Determination of Competence of all the concerns within the organization. Providing training to the concerned person and established the communication system within the organization and interested party in relation to information security. Established, implement, and maintain the document related to Information security management system.


Establish operational control for the information security management system.

Performance Evaluation

Evaluate the performance of the information security management system by Internal Audit and Management review meeting at the planned interval.


Review of improvement of Information security management system, through reviewing the effectiveness of CAPA take against Non-conformity and identifying the potential continual improvement in information security management system.


  • Benefits Of ISO 27001 / ISMS Certification
  • Reduce Business Risk and Improve Business Performance.
  • Improve the Legal, Regulatory, and contractual compliance.
  • Reputation enhancement among stakeholders, interested parties, and customers.
  • Reduce operational costs.
  • Improve the business potential among the competitor
  • Overall Improvement of organization reputation in the market.
  • Business opportunity improved

How to get ISMS Certification (ISO 27001 Certification ) – The Applicant Organization Shall Ensure The Followings Prior To Information Security Certification (Information Security Management System Certification)


  • The organization has implemented the Information Security Management System (ISMS) in the organization as per the requirements of the ISO 27001 standard. Established the Scope of ISMS and Identify the Applicability of ISMS Scope, ISMS Policy, ISMS Quality Manual, relevant procedures, ISMS Risk Identification and ISMS Risk assessment, and its control.
  • Conducted one complete cycle Information security Management System (ISMS) Internal Audit.
  • Conducted at least one Management review meeting on Information Security Management System.
  • Identify the context of the organization’s external and internal issues related to information security.
  • Procedures and controls in support of the ISMS
  • ISMS Risk assessment methodology
  • ISMS Risk assessment report
  • ISMS Risk treatment plan
  • Legal or regulatory requirements and contractual obligations in relation to information security.


For Implementation of ISO 27001 in the organization – The Organization review the ISMS Controls – there are 114 nos  ISO 27001 controls – where organization review ISMS Controls and Find – which ISO 27001 Controls are applicable to the organization – as per Scope/activities / Expectation of Clients – and prepare the Scope of Applicability. SOA.


Once SOA – Finalized – established the Control Against after the proper Risk Analysis and Risk Treatments.


For ISO 27001 implementation, organization and get support from Experts -ISO Certification Consultants / ISO 27001 Consultant. ISO 27001 Consultant can assist the organization in the implementation of ISO 27001 in the organization.


ISO 27001 Certification – Information Security Management System Certification Process Application review and contract Sign up between OSS and applicant organization.

  • Stage-1 Audit
  • Stage-2 Audit.
  • Certification decision
  • Issue of certificate.
  • Surveillance audit (annually or Half-yearly as finalized during the application review process and agreed by the client).
  • Re-Certification Audit (within three years before the expiry of certificate).


Applicant organization – can find ISO CertificationBody in Delhi / ISO Certification Body in Mumbai / ISO Certification Body in Chennai / ISO Certification Body in Bangaluru / or ISO Certification Body Nearby Location – which is convenient for an organization. ISO Certification Body Selected – the organization shall ensure that – the selected Certification Body – have valid accreditation from Accreditation Body – who have IAF -MLA – membership. So that the certificate issued by CAB – will have worldwide Credibility and acceptability.