ISO 41001 Certification

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ISO 41001 Certification

ISO 41001 is a Facility Management System (FM) – Requirements with guidance for use

Facility management (FM) is a multidisciplinary field that aims to improve the efficiency and productivity of economies in societies, communities, and organizations, as well as how people interact with the built environment. Through the services it administers and offers, FM has an impact on the health, well-being, and quality of life of many of the world’s societies and populations.

Despite its widespread influence, universal acceptance of FM principles and practices has been absent. This ISO 41001 Standard lays the groundwork for a shared interpretation and understanding of Facility Management (FM) and how it may benefit organizations of all kinds. The presence of a unified worldwide framework and supporting standard will aid the development of the FM services sector. The sector benefits from a standardized framework for evaluating and measuring FM. This is the major motivation behind and goal of this ISO 41001 Standard.

About ISO 41001 -Facility Management System (FM)

ISO 41001 is a management system for facilities, an international standard for the development of professional facilities management as an interdisciplinary business function for coordinating demand and supply for facilities and services. The major goal of this ISO 41001 standard certification is to thoroughly describe how to supply Facility Management (FM) in a way that consistently and continuously meets the needs of all relevant clients, interested parties to allowing business operations to run smoothly, by meeting the needs & expectations.

Facility Management organization and provider must communicate among themselves and with interested parties using standard ideas, concepts, and terms, including performance assessment and measurement, in a globally competitive environment. This ISO 41001 Standard -Facility Management (FM) aims to improve the standard of care and elevate quality levels, consequently encouraging organizational maturity and competitiveness in Facility Management delivery.

The Facility Management Company have many challenges on a daily basis in today’s dynamic climate. Considering the requirements, Needs & Expectations of Client including interested party during the competitive economic market conditions. such as – Cost-cutting, Asset life, do more with less, Compliance, etc So on.

ISO 41001 implementation for Enhancement of Process performance and ISO 41001 Certification

So, with the proper implementation of ISO 41001 in the organization can meets the current challenges of Facility Management service delivery to Clients. When applied to an ISO 41001 -FM system, this strategy emphasizes the relevance of:

  • By an integrated planning process, recognizing and addressing the demands of the organization.
  • By link between the integrated planning process and the FM system Clauses 4 to 10
  • By development and implementation of the required documentation relating to the FM system’s requirements.
  • By process improvement that is based on objective measurement

Requirement of ISO 41001 – Facility Management System

The requirements for Implementation and ISO 41001 Certification are given in this Facility Management System Standard from Clause # 4 to Clause # 10 of this FM standard, such as

  • Clause# 4 -Understanding and determining the right FM system in the context of the organization.
  • Clause # 5– Understanding organizational roles, duties, policies, and powers is essential for leadership.
  • Clause# 6– Understanding hazards, strategic objectives, and current policies are all part of planning.
  • Clause # 7– Understanding existing vs. required resources in terms of financial, human, and technological resources.
  • Clause # 8– Providing integrated FM services in operations.
  • Clause # 9– Benchmarking criteria, monitoring, and reaching target requirements are all part of performance evaluation.
  • Clause # 10– Reviewing benchmarked standards, identifying and implementing process improvement efforts are all examples of improvement.

How to get ISO 41001 Certification?

The organization into Facility Management Business, planning to get ISO 41001 Certification to meet the economic challenges and customer requirements & expectations. It is advised that prior to apply for ISO 41001 Certification, implement the requirements of ISO 41001 Standard in the organization by integrating with current business practices, maintain the necessary compliance documents & records, including Internal audit and Management review meeting. Then apply for ISO 41001 Certification. After application the Certification Audit process will be followed prior to issue of ISO 41001 Certificate. The Steps of ISO 41001 Certification are as follow

  • Stage-1 Audit (Document Review)
  • Stage-2 Audit (Compliance Verification and effectiveness review)
  • Award of ISO 41001 Certification
  • Annual Surveillance Audit

The validity of ISO 41001 Certificate is for 3 years from date of issue, subject to successful completion of Annual surveillance Audit.

What are the benefits of ISO 41001 Certification to organization?

  • Improved productivity, safety, and health & well-being of employees
  • Better needs and methodology communication within and between public and private sector enterprises
  • Enhanced efficiency and effectiveness, resulting in increased cost savings for businesses
  • Enhanced consistency of service
  • Delivering a unified platform for all types of businesses
  • Enhancement of Customer Satisfaction
  • Enhancement of Credibility of the organization
  • New Potential Business opportunity

Why Choose us for ISO 41001 Certification to your Facility Management organization?

OSS has the knowledge and experience to evaluate your company’s Facility Management System. Our assessment services assist your organization in gaining stakeholder confidence by identifying distinct stages and providing detailed evaluations and reports.

Who can apply for ISO 41001 Certification?

The Organization into the business of Facility Management Services can apply for ISO 41001 Certification, irrespective of Type and size of the organization.

What is the Cost of ISO 41001 Certification?

The Cost of ISO 41001 Certification is derived based on Size and Type of the organization, to derive the cost of ISO 41001 Certification and submit the proposal, the following information required (at least)

  • Number of Employee (Full Time, Part Time and seasonal)
  • Key activities of the organization and Process Involved
  • Number of the organization remote site and Main Location of the organization.
  • Detailed about the Site, where the organization is providing Facility management Services and Type of activities carried out.
  • Key Contact person name and Contact information

These are the basic information required by Certification body to derive the cost of ISO 41001 Certification and submit the best competitive quote for certification.


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