ISO 45001 Certification in Brazil

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An ISO 45001:2018 is an Occupational Health and Safety Management System , this standard is all about the keeping the health & Safety at workplace to the workers including the interested party ,who can be affected with the work activities of the organization .Keeping the Safe and Healthy work environment is a primary responsibility of every organization, as there are strict labour law regulations imposed by the government and by the International Organization of Labour, because thousands of lives are lost every day as a result of workplace accidents or fatal diseases linked to work activities worldwide. So, considering the importance of worker health and safety, the ILO has provided many guidelines, so that if the organization adheres to these guidelines, along with government labour laws, the organization can provide a better work environment to workers.

Taking the inputs from these regulations and Industry experts view ISO 45001:2018 – Occupational Health and Safety Management System standard was published by the ISO. These standard requirements are easy to integrate with the organization’s business process, which could help the organization to improve the overall OHS performance. when the organization implement this standard in the organization by self or expert supports such as professional ISO Certification services provider consultant in Brazil who can help for implantation and ISO 45001 Certification in Brazil by accredited ISO Certification Body.

ISO 45001 Certification in Brazil

About ISO 45001:2018 – Occupational Health and Safety Management System Standard

ISO 45001:2018- Occupational Health and Safety Management System, which was published on March 12, 2018, has replaced OHSAS 18001-2007 as the new international standard for top-down OHS risk management. This standard, like other ISO management system standards, is intended to be integrated into an organization’s existing management processes. It applies to all businesses, regardless of size, industry, or nature of business.

Why the Organization Need ISO 45001 Certification in Brazil?

ISO 45001 will help organizations not only manage OH&S risks and improve OH&S performance by developing and implementing effective OHS policies and objectives, but it will also help to reduce workplace incidents , compliance of legal requirements and the cost of insurance premiums. It also focuses on the development of a health and safety culture and aims to boost employee morale while adhering to legal and regulatory requirements. As a result of these practices, the organization gains a good reputation.

How the Organization Prepare for ISO 45001 Certification in Brazil?

This standard, like other Management System Standards, has a similar procedure for preparing for ISO 45001 Certification in Brazil. To ensure OHS compliance, the organization must develop a set of OHS policies and procedures that are in accordance with the requirements, implement the documents, and keep records. For ISO 45001 Certification, the organization must keep the following documents on file at all times.

  • OHS Policy & Objectives
  • OHS Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment
  • SOP for key process / Functions
  • Legal Register and Compliance documents of OHS Legal requirement
  • Role responsibility of employee
  • Emergency Preparedness and Mock Drill Record
  • Employee Health Check -up record along with details of Hospital tie-up with organization for routine health Check up of worker and use in case of emergency
  • Overall Organizational Risk Analysis record considering the – Internal, External issues, Expectation of workers, interested Party, Significant OHS Hazards, Legal requirements, etc.
  • Accident / Incidents Records along with the action taken
  • OHS Training Record for workers
  • OHS performance monitoring
  • Internal Audit and Management Review meeting
  • Corrective actions record of non-Compliances for continual improvements.

How the Organization Can Get ISO 45001 Certification in Brazil?

The organization planning to obtain ISO 45001 Certification in Brazil must first prepare the necessary documents, then implement it and keep the records. After completion of implementation, contact the Certification Body in Brazil providing ISO 45001 Certification services to obtain a proposal for the cost of ISO 45001 Certification & to know the process involve in certification. Once the cost of ISO Certification has been accepted, apply to the Certification Body to become ISO 45001 Certified. The audit team will visit the organization to verify compliance with ISO 45001:2018 and its effectiveness. If the Audit Team is satisfied with the implementation and effectiveness review, they recommend to the Certification Body that the Certification be issued. The ISO 45001 Certificate will be issued to the organization based on the recommendations and post-audit activities.

What are the Advantages the organization may get after Getting ISO 45001 Certification In Brazil?

The Benefits of ISO 45001 Certification for the organization are

  • Reduced the accident, incidents and improve the Health & Safety at work place.
  • Enhance the OHS performance of the organization
  • Improve the Legal Compliance of worker Safety at work place
  • Enhance the overall productivity of the organization, while worker in the organization feel their health & Safety are well taken care by the organization.
  • Immediate attention during emergency situation, due prior preparedness and time to time MOCK drill performed by the organization, causes minimal losses or nil.
  • Credibility of the organization enhanced among the customer & interested party.

Why Choose us for ISO 45001 Certification for your organization in Brazil?

We are an ISO Certification Body that offers ISO Certification services in a variety of Management System Standards such as ISO 9001 Certification In Brazil, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000, ISO 27001 etc so on. We have been in the certification services for over 15 years and certified more than thousands client across the world. Apart from Certification we provide the services of Lead Auditor Training – which can help the organization to build the knowledge & skill of their employee for effective implementation of Management system standards, which contribute for sustainable development of the organization . The Third-Party Inspection services – which includes – In-process Inspection, Final Inspection, Pre-shipment Inspection, etc so on. We have dedicated Audit Team has extensive experience in OHS and can add value to clients by performing certification activities, Processional industry Experts Trainer and Experience Inspection Engineers.

If your organization is looking for accredited ISO 45001 Certification services in Brazil, please contact us to get your organization ISO Certified in Brazil, to improve your organization’s OHS performance, prevent injuries/accidents, and provide workers with good health and safety.


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