ISO 45001 Certification in Dubai, UAE

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Assuring the health and safety of the company’s employees is a top priority for the company’s management. By paying close attention to the potential situations that could lead to workplace safety hazards, the organization do a lot to make the workplace safe for everyone. As per ILO occupational health Safety of workers, other employee and interested party who are affected by the organization’s activities are the key responsibility of the organization to take care of the health and safety related issues. Considering the Workplace Health & Safety concerns the international organization of Standardization (ISO), has developed the ISO 45001:2018 Standards after replacing of OHSAS 18001:2007.

ISO 45001 Certification in Dubai UAE

ISO 45001:2018 is an Occupational Health and Safety Management System Standard, by adopting this standard in practice, the organization can provide the safe and health workplace to worker. After implementation of ISO 45001 Standard, the organization may apply for ISO 45001 Certification in Dubai, to accredited ISO Certification body, providing services in Dubai, UAE, to ensure that the implemented OHSMS is meeting ISO requirements.

Why to choose ISO 45001 Certification Services in Dubai, UAE?

ISO 45001 Certification is a process of management System Certification focused on Occupational health & Safety. The purpose of implementing and ISO 45001 Certification this standard is to improve the organization’s OHS performance by effectively managing OHS Hazards in the organization and vicinity, as well as to maintain compliance with OHS Legal requirements. By implementing this OHS Standard, the organization can reduce accidents, incidents, and fatalities in the workplace while also improving employee mental health. Overall, it is advantageous for organizations to increase productivity by ensuring a safe and healthy workplace. According to the ISO 45001 Certification Services Provider in Dubai, UAE, is a critical step toward making the workplace a safer place for everyone. Occupational Health and Safety certification can assist business in reducing workplace accidents. Because of its robust OHS requirements features and facilities, this certification has become a robust framework for the health, safety, and comfort of employees who work in an organization.

How Does ISO 45001 Certification in Dubai is beneficial for an Organization?

As per OHS Experts ISO 45001 Certification in Dubai, UAE for the organization located in these places, the ISO 45001 certification benefits to an organization in a variety of ways. Among them are the following:

  • Assurance of OHS for every worker
  • Effective management of the OHS risk
  • Reducing the Potential risk at workplace related Health & Safety
  • Prevention of potential accident, incidents, injury or any serious mental health conditions at workplace.
  • Improve the Occupational Health & Safety performance of the organization.
  • Improve the Legal compliance related Employee Health & Safety
  • Improved efficiency of the organization

How to get ISO 45001 Certification in Dubai, UAE (Health And Safety Management System In Dubai)

The organization planning for this certification and wanted to know how to ISO 45001 Certification in Dubai, UAE. There is a standard process of certification as per the ISO Standards and Accreditation Body regulations. The organization Looking for this certification follow the Steps involve in ISO 45001, as given below to get ISO 45001 Certified.

Step Involved To Get An ISO 45001 Certification in Dubai

  • Implement ISO 45001:2018 Standard
  • Apply to ISO Certification Body in Dubai, UAE
  • ISO 45001 Certification Audit on site, by Team of ISO Auditor assigned by Certification Body.
  • Audit report submission to Certification by Audit Team, after completion of Audit and Audit Report Review & Certification decision by Certification Body committee.
  • Award of ISO 45001 Certification
  • The Certification body will perform the surveillance audit, on agreed time schedule (prior to 12 Month from date of issue of Certification), This surveillance Audit will continue till the ISO 45001 Certification is valid. The Surveillance Audit is performed to verify the ISO 45001 Certificate is continue complying and maintained in the organization
  • When the validity ISO 45001 Certificate is about to expire, the Recertification Audit will be planned well in advance by Certification (before Expiry of Certification)

These are the Standard practices for ISO 45001 Certification maintaining the Certificate

How we process your request of ISO 45001 certification For Dubai?

The organization located in Dubai, UAE is planning for ISO 45001 Certification, then the organization may visit our website and send RFQ. Our team will send you the Application form for Certification – where we need some basic information about your organization – such as Name, address, Key Contact details, number of employees, activities of the organization, based on these information cost of ISO 45001 Certification proposal will be sent to you for acceptance. Once the cost of ISO 45001 Certification agreed & accepted. we process your request of ISO 45001 certification follow the ISO Certification process steps, as given above.

Why to choose us for ISO 45001 certification In Dubai, City of Gold?

We are leading accredited ISO Certification body, in to the practice of ISO Certification across the world more than 15 years. We have team of highly professional and experienced Audit Team – who have diversified industrial experience for many years in ISO Certification along with industrial Experience. As a policy we work with our clients as partnership approach, so that during the ISO Certification services, we can add the value to our clients, so that the organization can make sustainable growth in the business.

If you are planning to get ISO 45001 certification in Dubai, UAE, then you need to contact us, we are a leading ISO certification services provider in Dubai, UAE. Your initiatives become a priority for us for this certification, we assure you our ISO certification service is better than any other service provider, you can have better value-added experience.


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