ISO 45001 Certification UK

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Health and Safety is one of the key priorities of human being irrespective of any circumstances – either at home, travelling or working at organization. When the people feel healthy and Safe the moral stability improves and can perform better the expectations. Any professional working in the organization in UK or any where in the world, they always have expectations that while working in the organization he should perform better to contribute his/her professional services to organization for that he/she has been assigned. But when there is uncertainty about their health & safety while working in the organization may bound to be internally demotivated. So, the organization in The United Kingdom (UK) take the all-possible initiatives to ensure the confidence of their workers that mental health and safety are assured at the organization -which help the organization for enhancement of the productivity of the organization, reduces the accident, incidents in the organization and improves the mental heath condition of the workers.

ISO 45001 Certification UK

This Health and Safety performance enhancement and OH&S assurance consistently possible – when the organization in The United Kingdom (UK), adopt some standard business practices in the organization related to Occupational Health and Safety. ISO 45001 is an Occupational Health and Safety Management System Standard, developed and published by ISO, in view that the organization implement this OHSMS Standard in the organization by integrating with current business practices of the organization and enhance the OH&S performance of the organization by reducing the potential accidents. To improve the confidence of stakeholders of the organization on Occupational Health and Safety, the organization get ISO 45001 Certification in UK for their business organization from any accredited ISO Certification body in UK (The United Kingdom), who are providing ISO Certification in UK.

About Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) – ISO 45001 and its advantages to the organization in The United Kingdom (UK)?

ISO 45001 is an Occupational Health and Safety Management System Standard (OHSMS) , published by International organization of Standardization , which replaces the OHSAS 18001 Certification . This OHSMS Standard provide the requirements for Occupational Health and Safety Management system – where the organization in UK, can integrate the requirements of ISO 45001, with current business practices and activities of the organization to further enhancement of Health & Safety in the organization. The requirements of ISO 45001 for implementing an OH&S management system for an organization in The United Kingdom (UK) to provide safe and healthy workplaces, avoid work-related injury and illness, and continuously improve its OH&S performance. Also for building the confidence of Stakeholder after the implementation of this standard the organization gets IS0 45001 Certification in UK by an accredited Third-Party Auditing Agency.

There are several advantages of this Standard for the organization in The United Kingdom (UK), because the aim of this ISO 45001 standard is

  • To establish a framework for addressing occupational health and safety risks and opportunities
  • To protect workers from work-related injury and illness, and to ensure safe and healthy workplaces
  • To take efficient preventative and protective actions to eliminate hazards and reduce OH&S concerns
  • To improve its OH&S performance and manage its OH&S risks

All these objectives of this standard, provides the several advantages to organization, when it is implemented in the organization effectively.

What Documents Required for ISO 45001 Certification UK for the Organization?

As per ISO 45001 requirements, there are several documents required to maintained in the organization, which can vary organization to organization in The United Kingdom (UK), depends on their nature of activities and size of the organization. But in any case, the few documents are most important for ISO 45001 Certification in UK, which must be implemented and maintained in the organization, irrespective of their nature of activities of the organization. These documents are as Followings

  • Occupational Health & Safety Policy and Objective of the organization
  • Standard Operating Procedures of all key process & activities of the organization
  • OHS Hazard Identification and Its Risk Analysis
  • Identification of Potential emergency situation related to Occupational Health & Safety, its preparedness and its periodic Mock Drill Testing
  • Identification of applicable OHS Legal requirements applicable to organization and maintain the Compliances.
  • Training to employee on Health & Safety requirements, OHS policy, Objective
  • Risk Analysis record on Internal, External issues, Legal requirements and Significant OHS Hazards.
  • Accident /Incident Record
  • Employee periodic Health Check-up record
  • Dedicated Safety Officer Appointment for taking the leadership for monitoring the Day to day OHS related activities.
  • Monitoring the OHS performance of the organization
  • Internal Audit at defined frequency
  • Periodic Management review meeting

What is the process to get ISO 45001 Certification UK?

The organization who has implemented ISO 45001 Standard in the organization and maintain the necessary compliance documents and records. The organization find the accredited ISO Certification Bodies in UK, who are providing cost -effective accredited ISO 45001 in UK, contact to these certification body, get proposal for certification, to know the Cost of ISO 45001 in UK. Once cost of certification is agreed, found economical and the Certification body selected found to be having valid renowned accreditation from reputed accreditation Body, also the certification body has good credibility in the market. Then apply for ISO 45001 Certification to Certification Body. The Process to get ISO 45001 Certification in UK, are as follow

  • Apply to Certification Body
  • Certification Body assign the Audit Team for Onsite Audit of your organization
  • Audit Report Preparation by Audit Team, after the onsite Audit and submission the Certification Body.
  • Certification Body review the Audit Report and make the certification Decision
  • Issue of ISO 45001 Certification to organization

Benefits of ISO 45001 Certification in UK for the organization

  • Enhancement of Productivity
  • Reduced the accident, Incidents in the organization
  • Enhance the OHS performance of the organization
  • Enhanced the OHS Legal Compliances
  • Enhancement of the Credibility of the organization.

Why choose us for ISO 45001 Certification in UK for your organization?

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