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Occupational Health and Safety for the workers is a prime responsibility of the organization in the United States of America (USA), as they are the key assets of the organization. The organization has adopted bets possible methods to apply in the organization keep the safe work place for their employee. Time to time based corrective actions measure for improving the Occupational Health and Safety at work place. But all these are conventional and situation-based control measure. There are several Industry associations in USA has set some specific rules and guidelines for Occupational Health Safety for the associated organization. We all at USA as business organization understand the importance of Human Safety at work place take the best possible effect to improve on regular basis. But This is not a standard Occupational Health and Safety business practices, where there is some standard requirements to improve the Occupational Health and Safety system of the organization on continual Basis.

ISO 45001 Certification USA

Earlier there was OHSAS 18001 Standards, which was adopted by the organization to enhance the OHS performance of the organization. Now ISO has published the ISO 45001 -Occupational Health and Safety Management System Standard (OHSMS) after replacing OHSAS 18001. This OHSMS standard provides the requirements to implement in the organization for further improving the OHS performance of the organization, after proper OHS Hazard Risk Analysis and taking the necessary control measure. To know more the requirements of OHSMS, organization take opportunity to contact to ISO Certification Services providers in USA, which can help the organization to explain the requirements and benefits of ISO 45001 Certification USA for their organization from accredited ISO Certification Provider in USA.

What is Occupational Health and Safety Management System and what are the advantages for the organization in USA for adoption ISO 45001 in organization as routine business practice?

Occupation Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) is an ISO 45001 Standard, which was published in year 2018, by international organization of Standardization (ISO) – This OHSMS standard provides the requirements for Occupational Health and Safety at work place. This ISO 45001 standard is most widely used by the organization across the world including United States of America (USA) for further enhancement of OHS performance of the organization by proper OHS Hazard Identification, Its Risk Analysis and taking necessary control measures by taking in account of Compliance of Legal and other requirements. This standard provides the requirements of worker participations in the possible key activities related to OH&S, this approach will help the organization to improve the OHS performance from Bottom level activities -which provide sound and sustainable development of the organization towards Occupational Health and Safety.

There are several advantages for the organization for adopting ISO 45001 standard in the organization as routine business practices. The some of prominent advantages are

  • Reduces the accident and Incidents in the organization
  • Improves Occupational Health and Safety of the organization
  • Improve the Productivity of the organization
  • Improve the Legal Compliances and Other requirements compliances in context of Occupational Health and Safety.

These are the prominent advantages for the organization, when the organization adopt ISO 45001 for implementation in the organization for ISO 45001 Certification in USA for their organization. But these advantages are not limited, there are several other benefits, the organization can experience the same, when adopt it for implementation in the organization.

How to the organization in United States of America prepare their organization for ISO 45001 Certification in USA?

As per the ISO Certification standard practices, preparation for the organization for ISO 45001 Certification, first of all it is required to understand the requirements of ISO 45001 Standard, do the proper Gap analysis current business practices of the organization for OHS VS requirements of ISO 45001.Develop the necessary documents and record to meets the compliance requirements of ISO 45001. Generally, the following documents and records the organization should have at least as preparation for ISO 45001 Certification in USA.

  • OH&S Policy and Objective
  • OH&S Hazard Identification and OHS Risk Analysis
  • Identification of OH&S Legal and Other requirements and maintaining its Compliance
  • Assignment of responsibility of workers for participation for Occupational Health & Safety
  • Identification of Internal & External issues of the organization affecting the OH&S of the organization and its Risk Analysis.
  • Identification of Potential Emergency Situation, making its Preparedness and Mock Drill
  • Development Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) for all the key process of the organization.
  • OHS Performance Monitoring and keep the Performance Record
  • Internal Audit Record
  • Management Review Meeting Record.

How to Get ISO 45001 Certification USA?

To get ISO 45001 Certification the organization United States of America (USA) , approach to ISO Certification Bodies in USA , who are providing Cost Effective ISO 45001 Certification in USA and have accreditations for Management system Certification . Apply to ISO Certification Body with necessary information of the organization such as – Name, Number of Employee, Key – product, process, activities, Key contact information, etc, based on the information Certification Body follow the Following Step for ISO 45001 Certification to the organization.

  • Assign the Audit Team
  • On-site Audit by Audit Team
  • Audit Report Preparation and submission to Certification Body for Review
  • Award of Certification of ISO 45001 after necessary certification decision activities

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