ISO 9001 Certification Bahrain

M/S OSS Certification Services Pvt Ltd is an independent organization, founded in the year 2008, in New Delhi, India. The organization is managed by highly dedicated & experienced professionals. We have build up credibility for our services of Management System Certification, third party inspection, and Lead Auditor Training among the customers throughout, by value-added services delivery to Customer.



The most common objective of the organization is to have good revenue from the business, smooth running the business, growth of the organization in many aspects such as – Market leadership. Retaining the clients and add new Clients, Business Expansion at national & International level, clients should be happy & satisfied, our organization meets all regulatory & Govt. Regulations (as applicable) and so on. In Bahrain and Middle-East Country many organizations have achieved these organizational objectives and still they are working for next level of growth of the organization. All this is possible, when organization works on some standard business practice adopted by most of successful organization.

ISO 9001:2015 Standard is one of the Standard Quality Management System, which can provide the international level Business practices requirements to the organization by implementing this standard and getting ISO 9001 Certification Bahrain, the organization can meet most of the organization business objectives. When the organization planning for ISO Certification, contact to ISO 9001 Certification services provider (ISO Certification Body) in Bahrain.

ISO 9001 Certification Bahrain

Let’s understand What is ISO 9001:2015 Standard and Certification

ISO 9001:2015 is a Quality Management System (QMS) Standard, published by international organization Of Standardization (ISO), where ISO 9001 is a series of ISO 9000 standard and 2015 is a year of latest publications. This standard provides the requirements for implementation of QMS in the organization, to bring the organization business practices at standard business practice. by implementing this QMS Standard the organization can achieve all business objectives of the organization, which turns in to a successful organization in all possible aspects, for which the organization has been established. After the implementation of this ISO 9001:2015 Standards the organization can become ISO 9001 Certified organization in Bahrain.

This standard has many requirements, where most of the organization follow these requirements in normal business practices, but only matter is to link the practices with ISO 9001 requirements, with proper documentation & records to meets the compliances of ISO 9001:2015. There might be possibility that some of specific requirements of ISO 9001 are not into the practices. So, in that case the organization need to address these requirements by proper documentation & recording the evidences.

Some of the important documents for ISO 9001 Certification is given below, kindly have a look

  • Quality Policy & Objective
  • SOP (Key Process & Functions)
  • Training Record (Employee)
  • Process & Products monitoring and measurements record
  • Risk Analysis record
  • Internal Audit Record
  • Management Review meeting record

What is ISO 9001 Certification process In Bahrain?

The ISO 9001 Certification process is very much simple, first of all the organization get implementation of ISO 9001:2015 Standards in the organization and maintain required documents and records. After that find the ISO Certification Body in Bahrain, Middle- East County providing ISO Certification services, once you find the ISO Certification Body, apply to get proposal to know the cost of ISO 9001 Certification, then proceed for ISO 9001 certification once you accept the Cost of ISO Certification provided by certification Body.

The Steps of ISO 9001 Certification process are

  • Apply to Certification Body
  • Certification Body Auditor will visit your organization for Audit
  • Verifying the Compliance of Implementation
  • Based on Audit Findings the Audit Team may recommend your organization for ISO 9001 Certification to Certification Body.
  • The Certification Body take the certification decision after completion of post Audit activities.
  • Award of ISO 9001 Certification

Benefits of ISO 9001 Certification Bahrain

There are several benefits, the some of common benefits are given below

  • Overall Business Performance Enhancement
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Building the Leadership
  • Reduced the Rejection & Wastages
  • Enhancement of Competency of Employee
  • Overall Profitability Enhancement
  • Opportunity for new business

If you are planning to obtain a ISO 9001 certification, collaborating with the leading provider of ISO certification services becomes a priority because they can assist you in the best way possible.


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