ISO Certification in Bhopal

ISO Certification Body In Bhopal Offer ISO 9001, 14001,45001, 27001, 22000, Third Party Inspection, LA Training

ISO Certification In Bhopal

 Why ISO Certification Required 

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is a worldwide recognized standard in all sectors/industries.


ISO 9001:2015 – it is the currently available standard on Quality Management System that focuses on Customer Satisfaction, Product Conformity, Continual improvement. This is the basic standard which can be certified to all kind of organizations including manufacturers, service providers, Trade sector, etc.



ISO 14001:2015 – it is currently available standard on Environment Management System as the name suggests its focus on environmental responsibilities of the organization and its contribution towards environmental sustainability. This standard can be obtained/certified by the organizations seeking to manage its environmental responsibilities in a systematic manner that contributes to environmental sustainability and responsibility. Manufacturers, service providers, the Trade sector, etc. all kind of organizations can benefit this standard. For environmental sustainability and responsibility.



ISO 45001:2018 – it is an Occupational Health and Safety Management System that focuses on the Organization and its people’s Health and Safety. All kind of organizations can benefit this standard through the implementation of the standard requirements

ISO 22000:2018 – This is Food Safety Management System providing safe food conformity at its all level from food origin to food consumption. This standard applies to the organizations engaged in food sectors such as crop growing, selling, food processing/manufacturing, Transportation and sale units



ISO 27001:2013 – This is Information Technology – Security Management System that focusing data security and compliance at all levels. This standard applies to the organizations engaged in IT Sector


There are multiple benefits of getting ISO Certified such as Tender Compliance, Compliance obligations, Better Customer Satisfaction, Improved Internal / External Communication, Enhanced control on Existing Management System, Team Built-Up, Risk-Based Thinking, Market Reputation, Product Compliance, Enhanced knowledge on Work safety and associated environment and so on. ISO (International Organization for Standardization) means that consumers can have confidence that their products are safe, reliable, and of good quality.


   How to get ISO Certification

The organizations engaged in the product manufacturing / Service  organization can go for ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) Certification along with ISO 14001:2015 (Environment Management System) and ISO 45001:2018 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System) Certification


ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) – Organizations willing to go for this standard certification needs to know the standard requirements


ISO 9001 standard requirements – ISO 9001:2015 specifies the requirements for an organization to enhance its product performance through its Quality Management System. ISO 9001:2015 is intended for use by an organization seeking to manage its responsibilities in a systematic manner that contributes to the Product Quality, Conformity, Customer Focus / Satisfaction, Continual Improvement.


While implementing the ISO 9001 Standard within the organization, issues that may face by the organization  

  • its workers and their perception towards the management system,
  • negligence towards documentation/work,
  • Appropriate resources i.e. Man, Machine, Money, Moral, Maintenance
  • Peoples involvement
  • Understanding the level
  • Improper communication

Which can be solved with the help of providing QM awareness Training to them, by providing regular QMS requirements awareness training to peoples in the organization could know the importance of the ISO 9001 standard and its requirements & benefits also. For the implementation of ISO standards in the organization, ISO Certification Consultants can help to the organization.


Benefits of ISO 9001 training 

  • Enhanced ability to perform
  • Awareness about the work, product, and process
  • The team built up and peoples involvement
  • Appropriate resource management
  • Enhanced product/process conformity
  • Minimization in process/product lapses
  • Enhanced ability to process/product recovery
  • Standard recognition
  • Enhanced control over the management system
  • Availability of Documented information and track record
  • Compliance Obligations
  • Response compliance



While Implementing Quality Management System i.e. ISO 9001:2015 within the organization It has to implement and maintain the documented information that consists of followings 

  • its Internal and External issues, its impact on the organization and opportunity/action plan to resolve the issues,
  • Quality Policy and objectives and mechanism to monitor and control the same,
  • Information on needs and expectations of the interested parties and the requirements that may become the legal compliance,
  • Calibration plan and calibration of its Monitoring and Measuring Equipment which is traceable to national/international standard,
  • Competence Matrix,
  • Training Plan and Need identification and evaluation,
  • Requirements related to the product i.e. customer purchase/work order for its product, its feasibility review,
  • Customer Communication, Satisfaction, and Complaint handling.
  • Purchase procedure, Supplier evaluation,
  • Inward Inspection of Purchased product,
  • Production planning, Monitoring, Final Inspection,
  • Identification and traceability,
  • Post Delivery activities if any,
  • Internal audit
  • Management Review,
  • Correction and Corrective Action

Benefits of ISO 9001 Certification

  • Well established control over the Management System,
  • Minimized process/product lapses,
  • Product Compliance
  • Legal Compliance
  • Process Compliance
  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased personnel skills,
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction,
  • Market reputation,
  • ability to perform well against the odds,
  • Systematic approach.

How to get ISO Certification – Here Organization has to identify the ISO Certification Bodies in Bhopal with appropriate accreditation (Such As OSS Certification Services Pvt. Ltd.) and apply for the ISO Certification that Organization is willing for.


ISO Certification Service provider in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

OSS Certification Services Pvt. Ltd. – We are well established Accredited Certification body providing Management System Certification

ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System

ISO 14001:2015 – Environment Management System

ISO 45001:2018 – Occupational Health and Safety Management System

ISO 22000:2013 – Food Safety Management System

ISO 27001:2013 – Information Technology – Security Management System


 Our Certifications are accredited by 

JAS-ANZ (Joint Accreditation of Australia and New Zealand) for QMS, EMS, OH&SMS, FSMS, and ISMS

UAF (United Accreditation Foundation) for QMS, EMS & OH&SMS

ASCB (Accreditation Services for Certifying Bodies-Europe) for QMS, EMS, OHSAS, FSMS, ISMS & ITSMS



ISO Certification Process

After the application, Certification Body (OSS) will conduct the on-site document review (Stage 1 Audit) for the effectiveness of the proposed management system. If complied then Certification audit will be done as per planning and if not Pre-assessment will be recommended for effective management system purpose


After the compliance Certification audit (Stage 2 Audit) will be conducted on-site and based on conformity assessment recommendations will be provided by Assessor subject to the satisfactory submission of corrective and preventive action against the identified non-compliances during the audit.


ISO Certified Organization can also go for Third Party Inspection for its product / Services

Refer to TPI it can be performed at its initial stage i.e.

  • Raw Material Purchase / Inward Inspection,
  • Production / In-Process Inspection,
  • Final Inspection,
  • Witnessing,
  • dispatch / Pre Dispatch Inspection,



Benefits of Third Party Inspection

  • Improved product quality
  • Product compliance at each stage
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
  • Minimization in process/product lapses
  • Well established control over process and product
  • Confident relationship with supplier/buyer
  • Product/process benchmarking to follow up during the manufacturing/production phase.


Hygiene Rating service in Bhopal

Hygiene Rating is a requirement for hotels and restaurants in India, as per FSSAI. This is a requirement for Hotel and Restaurants and catering business. Maintain the Food Safety and the Hygiene Rating requirement of FSSAI. Getting the Hygiene Rating the Hotel and Restaurants – will be become the most preferred Choice of Customer. Which Increase the Popularity and Credibility of Hotel and Restaurants in Market.

We are one of FSSAI approved Hygiene Rating Agency in India, Providing Hygiene Rating services in Bhopal.


FSSAI- Mandatory Food Safety Auditing – As per the order of FSSAI now Food Safety Audit has become Mandatory for Every Food Business Operators in India. For more information Kindly visit – FSSAI website.

We are one of FSSAI Recognized food Safety Audit Agency in India. We also provide Food Safety Audit in Bhopal.

FOSTAC Training 

As per order of FSSAI – Food Safety Supervisor Training is a mandatory requirement for Food Business Operator in India,

We are a FSSAI Approved Trainer Partner providing Food Safety Supervisor Training.