ISO Certification in Cuttack

ISO Certification In Cuttak Offer ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000, ISO 27001, Third Party Inspection, Lead Auditor Training

ISO Certification in Cuttack

 ISO Certification Service provider in Cuttack , Odisha (Orissa)


In the competitive industrial market today every company is involved in maintaining its creditability to have an open market at its door, for that every organization is maintaining several certifications which enhances the creditability of the organization, ISO certification plays a vital role in enhancing the creditability of the organization.


There are several ISO certifications standards used to adopt for Certification in the organization need to know that is required for its own organization, those are as under.

  • ISO 9001: Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001: Environmental Management System
  • ISO 45001: Occupational Health and Safety Management System.
  • ISO 22000: Food Safety Management System
  • ISO 27001: information safety management system.

ISO Certificate Service Provider in Cuttack


ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management System – this certification demonstrates the compliances to the customer, product, applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, this certification can be obtained by any organization who desired to have ISO 9001.


How To Implement ISO 9001:2015: For implementing ISO 9001 in any organization, the organization needs to identify an outsourced consultant for the purpose, because this is the most preferred in the industry to hire a professional ISO Certification Consultants for the implementation purpose, develop the documented information’s as required by the standard and organization structure, provide training to the organizational personals, identify the customer’s needs and expectations, identify the product requirements, the context of the organization, risk, and opportunities, implement the operational control, conduct the internal audit and management review, fill the gaps identified and close the audit findings. Organizations can use ISO Consultants in Cuttack, Odisha for implementation, and after implementation contact to ISO Certification Body in Cuttack, Odisha for ISO Certification to the organization.


Benefits of ISO 9001 Certification: There is transparency in the organization, top management involvement is seen,  workers participation and involvement is appreciated by the management, documentation becomes strong, document evidence is seen at relevant places, product identification and traceability are strong and specific, improved customer satisfaction,  reduced rework and rejections, good product quality and improvement in on-time delivery, cost reduction.


ISO 14001-2015: This system demonstrates the compliances to the environmental requirements as per state pollution control board / Central Pollution Control board  (As applicable), this type of certification can be obtained to an organization involved in any product manufacturing which generates any kind of wastages which may harm the environment and the surroundings, The flora fauna etc…



How to implement ISO 14001:2015 in the organization:

  • identify the internal and external issues wrt environment
  • identify the needs and expectation of regulatory body, neighbors, customers, suppliers, contractors,



identify the EMS scope of certification, its applicability, and its boundaries.

  • Establish the criteria for risk assessment,
  • Conduct the risk assessment and identify the opportunities for improvements,
  • Identify the action plan for achieving the improvement on the opportunities identified,
  • Conduct aspect and impact include the results in the risk assessment.
  • Implement the operational control for reducing the environmental impacts.
  • Monitor and measure the environmental performance as per the environmental matrix,
  • Provide the training to the organization as per the training plan,
  • Develop the relevant documented information required for certification purpose,
  • Maintain the records as applicable,
  • Conduct internal audit and management review meetings.
  • Identify the CAB,
  • Go for the certification audit
  • Obtain certification.


Challenges in implementation of ISO 14001-2015.

  • Insufficient training provided
  • Incompetent consultant,
  • Language issue
  • Unknown environmental regulations,
  • Documentation issues,
  • No involvement at lower level,
  • Records are not maintained,
  • Regulatory requirements are not followed,
  • Knowledge issues,


Benefits of ISO 14001 Certification.

  • Increase in environmental performance,
  • Improved surroundings,
  • Reduction in cost due to fewer wastages,
  • A green marketing strategy can be done,
  • Growth in reputation and image in the global market,
  • Compliances with regulatory requirements,
  • Enhanced competence of employees wrt environmental requirements,



ISO 45001-2018: This type of certifications are obtained usually by those organization where during the production or servicing there is any type of workplace hazards generated due to the activities and risk is involved in the work activities. By implementing the standard requirements the ISO 45001-2018 can be obtained,  the best way to comply with the standard requirements is to comply with the Applicable legal requirements, Factory Act, factory rules state Government,



How to implement ISO 45001 in the organization:

  • Develop the relevant documented information required for the implementation of the standard.
  • Develop the OH&S Policy and communicate till the lower level,
  • Identify the internal and external issues related to OH&S.
  • Identify the needs and expectations of interested parties related to OH&S considering the workers, Suppliers, Subcontractors, legal and regulatory body etc…
  • Involve the workers in large nos during the implementation such as risk assessment, hazard identification, opportunities, emergency situations etc…
  • Identify the applicable legal and regulatory requirements,
  • Develop the Legal Register,
  • Provider Training,
  • Identify the internal and external issues, needs and expectation of interested parties,
  • Conduct the internal audit to check the effectiveness of the implementation,
  • Conduct the Management review meeting to verify the effectiveness of the standards,
  • Identify the CAB,
  • Go for the certification audit
  • Obtain certification.


Challenges in implementation of ISO 45001-2018.

  • Lack of competent personnel,
  • Less Participation of employees.
  • Workers not considered for consultation,
  • legal requirements fully Unknown
  • Small and unskilled team
  • Team motivation is not proper at the worker level.
  • Employees are not interested in participation at the worker level,
  • HIRA and Risk assessment done without considering the worker’s views,
  • Implementation cost found high.
  • Improper implement done by the consultant due to lack of response from workers level.
  • Top management not interested in the implementation, only interested in certification.
  • Legal compliances/ Licenses are renewed but their conditions are not fulfilled.
  • Less/ inadequate resources.


Benefits on ISO 45001 Certification

  • Increase the participation of the workers
  • Documentation strengthen,
  • Objective evidences are available.
  • Prevents accidents and incidents within the organization,
  • Reduces human injuries,
  • Increases the confidence of the workers in the management and organization,
  • Develops the skill to handle any emergency situations,
  • Reduces the illness at the workers level,
  • Reduces in hazards at the organizational level.


ISO 22000-2018: Food Safety Management System, this certification is essential to these organizations involved in the manufacturing/processing of food product and services.


What is ISO 22000 Certification?

  • ISO 22000 is food safety management system, this certification is required to those organization who are involved Food Processing and manufacturing, storage, distribution, Food manufacturing, Machinery Manufacturing, Packaging product manufacturing, the requirements are a combination of ISO 9001 and HACCP, This certification demonstrates the compliances to the product quality, hygienic conditions in which the product/services was executed,  demonstrates the Good manufacturing practices, HACCP analysis,



How ISO 22000 certification can be implemented,

  • Identify the standard requirements – the organizations need to develop Relevant policies such as Food Safety policy, wood policy, glass policy, jewelry policy, visitors policy, identify the internal and external issues, needs and expectations if interested Parties, Develop the HACCP plan, identify the CCP, OPRP, PRP, monitor the CCP, OPRP, PRP, Monitor the intended use of the product, monitor the Food safety Emergency Situation & its preparedness and conduct Mock drill, Verify the Hygiene & sanitation arrangement, develop the system for Product Recall System & Withdrawal, Develop the system to Identification & Traceability, conduct the internal audit, Management review, identify the ISO Certification Body providing ISO Certification services in Cuttack, Odisha for the certification process and get the certification done.



The FSMS works on 7 principles of HACCP.

  • Conduct of Hazard Analysis,
  • Identification of critical control points,
  • Establish the critical control points limits,
  • Monitor the CCP,
  • Establish corrective action.
  • Verification of HACCP,
  • Record Maintenance.


What are the challenges found during the implementation of the FSMS?

  • The employee is not undergoing the medical checkup as per FASSI requirements,
  • GMP is not followed,
  • PPE not used.
  • Food served is not prepared in hygienic conditions,
  • Pest control done chemicals may not be food grade.
  • Food poisoning chances.
  • Inadequate processing facilities,
  • Poor personal hygiene.
  • Possibility of food contamination.



What are the benefits of FSMS Certification to the food sector/industries?

  • Increases the level of food safety,
  • Identification of (CCP) critical control points during processing,
  • Identify the critical limits,
  • Establish the HACCP plan,
  • Verify the HACCP plan as planned.
  • Identify the training need for the key personals including the servers,
  • Use of suitable PPE during the processing and serving.
  • Increase the invester in food industries,
  • Identify the risk involved in the food industry business.
  • Demonstrate compliance to FASSI Act 20006 and other regulatory requirements,
  • Licensee to enter the global market,
  • Reduce the hazards involved in the process and product,
  • Provide safe food to consumers,



ISO 27001-2013: information Safety Management System – this certification can be obtained to those organization where there is critical information’s preserved such as investment and finance sector, IT Sector, Software development Legal Service Provider, and the loss of the information can result to disaster to the organization,


ISO Certification Service Provider in Cuttack, Odisha 

We are an accredited ISO Certification Body in India providing ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000, ISO 27001 Certification in Cuttack, Odisha


Third-Party Inspection Service provider in Cuttack, Odisha 

Inspections are carried at various stages.

  • Inspection of Raw Material – this inspection is taken up so the organization receives the correct material to its production, which reduces time loss, reduces wastages.


  • In-process inspection – in today’s market in-process inspection play a vital role in producing the good quality material at the manufacturer end, the criteria might be Engg Drawing, QAP, Control plan etc…, the inspection is done and released for further operation, so only the accepted material is sent ahead for final processing.


  • Final inspection and testing – in this stage of inspection the inspection is done considering the interest of the end-user and the application of the product.


  • Witnessing of Test – in many cases the customer demands for material test report of the raw material used for the product manufacturing to be witnessed by the third party, as they may consider they may be faulty material used for product manufacturing, The performance monitoring at the final stage considering the interest of the end-user.


  • Installation inspection– this inspection is done to verify the proper installation is done before commencing the work activities at the site, this can be proposed by the manufacturer or the end-user to verify the proper installation of the machinery.


  • Pre-dispatch inspection – This inspection also can be called as stuffing inspection, document verification before dispatch, to verify the proper stacking of material,


Lead Auditor Training Provider in Cuttack, Odisha 

  • Lead Auditor training on standards such as ISO 9001/ ISO 14001/ ISO 45001. ISO 22000/ ISO 270001 and ISO 20000.


  • These are LA Certificates are Certified  by Example Global


  • By attending this training, the personal becomes certified auditors, this training is provided online and offline (Class Room), The period in both the case are 5 days,


  • Classroom training is for 05 days , days there are several workshops done on daily basis and the last day the examination is been done, and based on the evaluation and marks obtained the certification is been obtained, the person is awarded the qualifying certification and the personal underperforming is awarded the participation certification,


  • Online Training Means the personal are provided with study material, workshop, examination papers, and tutor is assigned so in case of any doubt he/ she can contact the tutor and the get the doubts cleared, and based on the evaluation and mark obtained the certification is been obtained, the person is awarded the qualifying certification and the personal underperforming is awarded the participation certification, this certificate is granted based on competence-based.