ISO Certification in Jamnagar

ISO Certification Body in Jamnagar Offer ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001 and ISO 22000

ISO Certification in Jamnagar

We are an accredited Certification Body in India for Management System Certification of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000 & ISO 27001 Certification. We are providing ISO Certification Services in Jamnagar, Gujarat.


Along with Management System Certification, we also provide the following services in Jamnagar, Gujarat.


ISO 9001Certification


ISO 14001 Certification


ISO 45001 Certification


ISO 22000 Certification


ISO 27001 Certification


HACCP Certification


GMP Certification


Third-Party Inspection


Lead Auditor Training



ISO 9001 certification


ISO 9001 certification standard provides conformity to certifying organization for its product/service conformity. ISO 9001 is a set of Quality Manual, Policy; Procedures that are intended to serve Product/service quality. It is all about customer satisfaction, customer focus, Product/service quality, process conformity, and continual improvement of the organization.


ISO 9001 promotes thinking on business risks, needs, and expectations of interested parties and its relevant mitigation/action plan to eliminate or minimize the risk. It states about the review of customer requirements and its compliance by the organization to fulfill the customer requirements and thus retain the business on a continuing basis. Controlling product/services at its relevant stages to ensure customized demands/product or service specifications. It ensures management commitment to provide desired resources including man/machine/material to comply with the customized demands relevant to its business process. All kinds of organizations may go for ISO 9001 certification.



Benefits of ISO 9001 Certification

  • It enhances customer satisfaction
  • Fulfills customer requirements thus complying product/services quality
  • Risk-based thinking
  • Demonstration of product/service quality



ISO 14001 Certification


ISO 14001 is an environmental standard focusing on elimination or prevention of pollution due to organizational activities including its product/processes or services. An Environmental Management System provides a framework for organizations to prevent pollution and promote environmental conservation. The key requirement of the EMS standard is to identify and assess the Environmental Aspects and eliminate/control or minimize its environmental impact.


ISO 14001 mentions an organization to develop/implement and maintain the documented information intended to monitor and measure the environmental performance of the organization to assess its Environmental Aspects and Impact to be eliminated/controlled or minimized and comply with the obligatory requirements as to which an organization adheres/supposed to be assessed/complied. Organizations having their product/processes/services as an adverse impact on the environment can obtain the ISO 14001 certification to demonstrate the conformity of its environmental management system.



Benefits of ISO 14001 Certification

  • Compliance to the environmental laws, rules, and regulations
  • An eliminated/controlled pollution within the organization
  • Enhanced environmental performance


ISO 45001 Certification


ISO 45001 is Occupational Health and Safety Management System standard focusing on workplace safety; prevent work-related injury, ill health situations, and onsite worker safety. OHS standard enables an organization to identify and record hazards associated with organizational activities and determine controls to eliminate or minimize the hazard. It states to maintain documented information to monitor and measures an organization’s OHS performance for continually improve its performance.


Health and safety is a multi-step process that includes the workers at the site, nearby people, supervisors, managers, etc. Effective management of activities and competent site supervision is essential in maintaining healthy and safe conditions. An organization can control/eliminate or minimize the hazards associated with its activities through compliance with the OHS requirements and obligatory requirements.


Benefits of ISO 45001 Certification


  • Minimized work-related injuries/accidents/incidents and thus controlled its overheads
  • compliance with obligatory requirements
  • Enhanced OHS performance of the organization



ISO 22000 Certification

ISO 22000 is a Food Safety Management System (FSMS) promising safe food delivery within the food chain. FSMS provides a framework for safe food delivery, requirements comprise Implementing Pre-requisite programs (PRP), maintaining hygiene conditions for food manufacturing/processing or handling, identifying food hazards within the processes, and determining critical control points to minimize the hazard for safe food delivery i.e. HACCP Implementation. Food identification and its traceability at its relevant stages are one of the key requirements through which an organization can perform product recall procedures in case a hazard is identified and it can be traced to control the spread of food hazards that may cause an adverse impact on human beings consuming the unsafe food.



FSMS also describes allotment of the Food Safety Team and Team Leader to perform the operations smoothly at the organization’s desired level to control/eliminate food hazard / foodborne disease along with an implemented and maintained documented information, procedures to ensure monitoring of FSMS system and control unsafe food product delivery.



Benefits of ISO 22000 Certification

  • Eliminated/controlled foodborne diseases
  • Safe food product delivery
  • Consistency in hygiene practices
  • Adoption of good manufacturing practices



ISO 27001 Certification

ISO 27001 is an Information security management system ensuring data security and its confidentiality by applying the risk management process. ISMS provides guidelines for safe data handling and maintaining their credibility and confidentiality. ISMS requires an organization to select appropriate risk and determine controls and formulating the risk treatment plans. Conducting internal audits and performing management reviews to verify the effectiveness of the information safety management system.


ISMS is part of an integration with the organization’s processes and overall management structure and that information security is considered in the design of processes, information systems, and controls. ISO 27001 is applicable to all organizations, regardless of type, size, or nature specifically organizations dealing with customer data such as IT sector, BPO, Call centers, and vice versa.


Benefits of ISO 27001 Certification

  • Eliminated or control on data loss
  • Data safety compliance
  • Secure data/information exchange



ISO Certification Consultants in Jamnagar, Gujarat

ISO Certification Consultant in Jamnagar provides the Service to the organization for implementational Management System Standards – ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000, ISO 27001, and much more management System Standard.  ISO Consultants apply the following process for implementation of the Management System in the organization for ISO Certification in Jamnagar, Gujarat.


Iso Consultants in Jamnagar, apply the Steps of Implementation of Management System in the organization are as below

  • Awareness Training on Management System Standard requirements
  • Gap- Analysis
  • Development of the Documents / Procedure / SOP as per Gap- Analysis
  • Integration of Documents, with organization Business Process
  • Training on New Developed Documents / Procedure / SOP
  • Implementation of New Developed Documents / Procedure / SOP
  • Monitoring the Implementation
  • Internal Audit
  • Management Review Meeting



ISO Certification Body in Jamnagar, Gujarat

Its organization’s responsibility to Choose the ISO Certification Body, which provides the ISO Certification Services in Jamnagar or ISO Certification Body in Jamnagar, Gujarat.  The selection of ISO Certification Body in Jamnagar is the sole responsibility of organization needs and requirements.  The selection process of Certification could be on the following considerations

  • Accreditation of Certification Body – Must be IAF -MLA member AB
  • Certification Body has a good market reputation
  • Past Experience of Certification Body
  • Cost of ISO Certification
  • Service Delivery of Certification Body



Lead Auditor Training Provider in Jamnagar, Gujarat

Knowledge and Certification on a personal level is the key industry requirement of the organization for the Selection of professionals in the organization.  Lead Auditor Training is a personal certification for professionals.  Lead Auditor Certificate to any person demonstrates the knowledge and Competency in particular Management System Standards.

The Most common Lead Auditor Training for an industrial professional is

ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Training

ISO 14001 Lead Auditor Training

ISO 45001 Lead Auditor Training

ISO 22000 Lead Auditor Training


Third-Party Inspection Agency

Our organization has vast industrial Experience in Third Party inspection of different types of inspection projects. Includes – Inspection of Fabricated Metal Products, in-process Inspection, Final Inspection, Inspection of Raw Materials, witnessing of Test, capacity verification suppler Assessment, and many more third-Party Inspection services.