Pre-Shipment Inspection

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Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) Inspection Agency in India

What Do The Pre-Shipment Inspection Service Providers Examine?

Third-party inspection is an integrated independent inspection service that the agencies carry out by an experienced team of professionals. These professionals can check all the materials that a manufacturer or supplier sells and/or sends to an agency, preferably a retailer. In businesses, such inspections are called third-party inspections where the agencies conducting the main responsibility play a very significant role.

Today, you may find many organizations that have been carrying out this responsibility well. Generally, the manufacturers and other such companies use various materials and ingredients for the production process that they procure from various suppliers. In such a situation, the companies need to examine the materials and that is where hiring an agency for third-party inspection becomes necessary. Here, every party concerned with this process of inspection needs to know what are the things that the third-party inspection service providers usually examine.

Pre-Shipment Inspection Agency in India

Here are a few things that these agencies examine as a part of their inspection service:

Product Safety

Here, the Third-Party Inspection Service providers examine the safety parameters related to the products that are ready to be delivered to clients. The experts at the company are very particular about completing all necessary technicalities related to the safety parameters of the products.

The Quantity

It is an important part of the product examination where the quality-checkers insist mostly on the checking of the quality of the product. Here, they take into account all the parameters that the manufacturers promised and the customers looked for. The completion of this step is very vital as none related to the deal is ready to compromise on the quality.

Product Workmanship

Sticking to the product specifications is necessary for the manufacturers as they need to deliver the same products that their customers look for. So, it is the responsibility of the third-party inspection agency to check the workmanship of the deliverable products.

Color Conformity

The color of the product is a vital part and every manufacturer and supplier of the products has to maintain it at any cost. They try their best to deliver the products in the right colors. The third-party inspection service providers take a close look at the color of the products and complete all necessary parameters to ensure that the customers at the receiving end get the right products only.

The Size

Apart from color, the size of the products is also a very important specification that needs to be examined very closely. The inspectors at the best third-party inspection service provider take additional care to ensure that the manufacturers deliver the right products to their customers. The task is very sophisticated and that is why the professionals take a close look at this to ensure perfect deliveries.

Checking Packaging Standards:

Packaging of the product is also a very critical factor that plays a very significant role in the whole story. The manufacturers and other dealers pay adequate attention to finding the best packages to make the products look good and stay safe from all harm.

In today’s consumer world, the role of the third-party inspection service provider plays a very significant role as their work guarantees the supply of the best products that are good for the retailers as well as the customers who are also the end-users of the products.

Benefits of the use of Pre-shipment Inspection Agency in India

There are many potential benefits of Choosing the professional accredited Third-Party Inspection agency for Pre-shipment Inspection are given below (But Not Limited to)

  • These services delivered by Accredited Third Party Inspection Agency are more reliable
  • Cost-Effective
  • Visiting and Inspection Time
  • Reliability on Inspection results
  • Prompt decision of product quality and reliability
  • Ensure no defective products supply and all the order quantities are meeting the requirements of Quality, Packing, Labeling & Delivery
  • Ensure that supplier products are meeting specification and special inspection instructions requirements.
  • Ensure that applicable regulatory requirements are complying
  • Prevent the Rejections and Re-work at Buyer’s end after receipt of the product.
  • Assurance of Quality product supply

Apart from these benefits, there may be several other benefits that vary from case to case between buyer and supplier requirements.

What is the pre-shipment Inspection process?

Generally, the Pre-shipment Inspection services are performed by Accredited Third Party Inspection Agency in India. The pre-shipment Inspection process is given below – which is generally followed by most of the accredited Third-Party Inspection agencies – unless there is any specification requirement of the Buyer / Supplier. The Pre-shipment Inspection process is

–Onsite Visit at supplier End for Inspection

– Document of Review (Raw Material Inspection / Testing Report review), Equipment Calibration Certificate verification etc.

Note – The documents review is may not apply to some of the pre-shipment inspections considering the nature of products and their application.

–Quantity Verification – after the visit at supplier site the Pre-shipment Inspection Engineer verify the Quantity of Product and match with Buyer Order Quantity – To ensure that there should be no mismatch of Order Qty vs Supply Qty (Unless until specified by Buyer for any deviation in Qty )

–Sample Selection – Once the Quantity of products is verified the Inspection Engineer selects the Sample of the Product on a Random basis or regarding agreed AQL for Inspection and other Function Testing.

–Inspection of Products – Once the Sampling is completed the products are inspected as per specification requirement and the observation of Inspection is recorded in the Inspection Report along with the Photographs of the Products & their characteristics.

–Verification of Workmanship – Through Pre-shipment Inspection the workmanship of the Product is verified and recorded along with with-it Identification Number / Name (if any).

–Inspection Report – Once the above activities of Pre-shipment Inspection is completed the Inspection engineer will prepare the Pre-shipment Inspection report and get the joint signature of the Supplier representative. to ensure that the Inspection observations are agreed and accepted by Supplier to avoid any further dispute on Inspection observations between buyer and supplier.


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