Pre-shipment Inspection -PSI

Pre-shipment Inspection -PSI

Pre-shipment Inspection is part of Third-Party Inspection activities – which is generally performed by competent / accredited Third Party Inspection Agency.  The accredited Third Parry Inspection Agency are chosen by Buyer or Supplier because TPI organizations are independent organization being   accredited by Competent Authority /Accreditation Body based ISO 17020 compliance requirement including competency for delivery of Inspection Services. So, any buyer / Supplier can trust on the outcome of Inspection results of accredited Inspection Agency. So, while choosing the Inspection Agency the client can look into the credentials / Competency / Experience of Inspection agency to perform the Pre-shipment Inspection.

About Pre-shipment Inspection

Pre-shipment Inspection is an Inspection activity which is perform to do the inspection of product, Product Quality, Product Quantity, Leveling, Functional Test, safety, Packing, Marking etc prior to shipment of the product to destination.   Pre-shipment Inspection criteria depends on the Buyer and supplier agreement and other Terms & Condition related Products.

 Pre-shipment Inspection Process

During the Pre-shipment Inspection activities, the Third-Party Inspection Agency do the following activities (But it not Limited). The Pre-shipment Inspection activities may change based on Buyer requirements. Generally, most common pre-shipment Inspection activities are given below

  • Sampling Plan and Sample Selection
  • Quality verification (Dimensional Inspection / Comparison with Sample)
  • Measuring / Testing Equipment Functional Test and Calibration Status
  • Quantity Verification
  • Visual Inspection (Aesthetic Look verification- If any)
  • Workmanship Verification
  • Functional Test
  • Witnessing of Test (If any requirements)
  • Label and Marking verification
  • Packing verification

Pre-shipment Inspection Report

Generally, the Third-Party Inspection Agency used own standard Pre-shipment Inspection reporting method – But as per the Buyer requirement the pre-shipment inspection report can be modified to suit the requirement of buyer, it is mutual agreements between Third Party Inspection agency and Buyer.

Standard Pre-shipment Inspection reporting covers the Followings

  • Inspection Report Number
  • Buyers order Reference Number
  • Product Name and Product Number
  • Date of Inspection
  • Place of Inspection
  • Sampling plan and Sample Qty
  • Instruments Functional and Calibration observation
  • Dimensional Inspection observation
  • Quantity Verified / Total quantity
  • Visual Inspection observation
  • Product Workmanship observations
  • Functional Test results
  • Witnessing of Test results
  • Label and Marking verification and Observation
  • Packing verification and Observation

Apart from these Inspection Observation – The Inspection agency take the Photographs of each and every activity of Inspection attached with Pre-shipment Inspection report to justify the observation of Pre-shipment Inspection. In some case buyer may require the live Inspection video recording also. So, if such requirement the Third-Party Inspection Agency take the Video of Live Pre-shipment Inspection and submit to Buyer Along with Inspection Report.

Cost of Pre-shipment Inspection Activities

Cost of Pre-shipment activities – As such there is no any standard defined on the cost of Pre-shipment Inspection activities.  The Third-Party Inspection services are a professional service.  So the Cost of Pre-shipment Inspection activities are mutually agreed between Buyer and Third Party Inspection Agency.

Pre-Shipment Inspection Agency

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