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Zero Defect Zero Effect

On 68th Independence Day of India, Our Hon’ble PM Mr. Narendra Modi requested to adopt “Zero Defects & Zero Defects” policy. Especially, for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and manufacture to ensure that their goods have “zero effect” on the environment and goods must be manufactured with “zero defects” in our country.


With an aim to make India, we must manufacture goods that carry ‘zero defects’ and our exported goods should never return back to us. Meanwhile, we should manufacture ‘zero effect’ goods, means it should not have any negative impact on our environment to ensure sustainable growth in India.


Zero Defects & Zero Defects (ZED) will contribute to the overall growth of the manufacturing sector and our country’s economy or GDP. Today, in global markets companies are competing and focusing on their strengths of costs acceptable to the market, innovation, service delivery, technology and defect free products for ZED.


Overall the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises have been accepted as the engine of economic growth & development. More than 90% of the total number of enterprises takes in most economies and credit for generating the highest rates of employment growth and account for major industrial production & exports.


With ZED policy, the concept of quality has a holistic change for compliance to a source of its competition. It meant to evolve from a total dependency on the inspection of products to correct defects and improving the processes such as quality planning, optimum processes, product designing, efficient outsource activities and breakthrough outputs.


Along with it, the focus on the quality of products and services, some emphasis must be on the elimination of environment through the adequate planning of pre-production, maintenance activities, post-production and environmental effects. Overall, the main focus is on sustainable development.


ZED policy is an integrated and holistic certification system that is accountable for quality production, pollution mitigation, Energy efficiency, financial status, technological depth including design and IPR in both processes & products. It is the final opportunity to make good impression or brand name in the global market with globally competitive products. Therefore it is strongly recommended to take ZED manufacturing and to support fast-changing market scenarios in India.


Meanwhile, enhancing the power of our competitiveness in the global marketplace and making our youth an important cog in the wheel of “MAKE-IN-INDIA” campaign. It is mandatory to provide career opportunities for the youth of India and rise up the ZED.