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A complete Guide for ISO 27001 Certification for Beginners

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ISO 27001 certification

In this blog, we are writing to keep in view the organization that is new to Information Security Management System (ISMS)- ISO 27001 Certification Standard. We will cover all the key aspects related to ISO 27001- Information Security Management System (ISMS) – such as -ISO 27001 (ISMS) Standard, requirements of ISO 27001 Standard, How it can be beneficial for the organization, who are into the IT -Services Business, Software Development, Banking sectors, Insurance sector, Service Industry, Including the Business organization where the Information security, the integrity of Information, Confidentiality, and data protections are the key focus of the organization, its Clients, including stakeholders. Along with How to implement the Information Security Management system (ISO 27001), ISMS controls, Statement of Applicability, etc.

Documents required for ISO 27001 Certification, ISO 27001 Certification process, and Benefits of ISO 27001 Certification. So that readers of this Blog can have completed Information about ISO 27001 Standard to get ISO 27001 Certification for enhancement of the Information security of the organization, including Customer Confidence & satisfaction and compliance of Information security applicable regulatory requirements.

We hope that this Blog could be A Complete Guide for ISO 27001 Certification for Beginners

What is an Information Security Management System – ISO 27001?

Information security is an assurance that provides confidence to the Management, Regulatory Body, Clients, and interested party that that organization has maintained the integrity of Information security, the data/information at the organization or provided by the clients are safe and kept confidential and the organization is meeting the all the applicable Information security regulation to protect any breach of Information & data.  

The Main objective of An Information Security Management System (ISMS) -ISO 27001 standard requirements to Continually improve the Information Security by Risk Analysis and Risk Treatments and consistently maintain the Information security within the context of the organization, so that the interested Party and Clients of the organization can build the confidence on the organization in the context of Information security.  Overall this ISO 27001 is much more beneficial for the organization that is into IT-Services, Software Development, and dealing with a large volume of Client data /Information (Such as Bank, Insurance companies, Travel Agency, Hotel Industry, big Industry, Public sector, Govt Organization and many more so on.

What are the requirements of the Information Security Management System – ISO 27001?

As we have understood this ISMS (ISO 27001) is a specific Management System Standard for Information security, any organization can adopt this Standard for Implementation of ISO 27001 standard. The requirements of ISO 27001 are provided in ISMS standard from Clause # 4 to Clause # 10 (the user may refer to ISO 27001 standard for detailed requirements). For Easy reference for new users and a better understanding of the overall key requirements of ISO 27001 standard is provided below, which could help the new user organization to develop the Understanding of ISO 27001 requirements so that the organization can plan for Implementation on ISMS – Information security Management System Standard in the organization along with using the reference of ISO 27001 Standard.

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The Key Requirement of ISO 27001 – Information Security Management System are as follow:

  • Development of Information Security Policy and Objective
  • Identification of Internal and External issues affecting the Information Security Management of the organization
  • Identification Information Security Controls applicable to the organization from the list of Possible information security Controls given in ISO 27001 standards in Annex -A – altogether there are 114 nos, identified with Controls Number – A-5 to A-18. It is not necessary that all the controls are applicable /Not Applicable to any organization. The Application of Information security Controls are depending on the activities of the organization. So based on applicable Information security controls – The organization is required to develop the Statement of Applicability (SOA) – in which they can provide the details of Applicable Information Security Controls.
  • Assignment of Role & Responsibility of all the persons working under the control of the organization for Information security
  • Information Security Risk assessment and Risk Treatments by the implementation of Information security Controls  
  • Risk Analysis of Internal and External issues along with Need & Expectations of Interested Party
  • Development of SOP for monitoring the Information security controls.
  • Providing Training to all the people who are working under the control of the organization about Information security, Information Security Policy, Information security Controls, etc, son on.
  • Monitoring the Overall performance of Information security of the organization
  • Development of Internal Audit system for implemented Information Security Management System.
  • Development of Management Review system for implemented Information Security Management System.
  • Development of Non-Conformity, Corrective action, and Continual Improvements

The above-said requirement of ISMS is summarized – requirements of ISO 27001 – which can help the organization to build an understanding of ISO 27001 standard for Implementation and further for ISO 27001 Certification. With this information, the organization may implement ISO 27001 organization, by self-learning and saving the cost of professional charges of ISO Consultant. But it is advised to new user organizations along with the above explained ISO 27001 requirement, must refer to the ISO 27001 standard for detailed requirements, if not opting to take assistance from any professional ISO 27001 services providers for implementation.

iso 27001 certification

What are documents required for ISO 27001 Certification?

As said above the requirements of ISO 27001, the organization has to keep all all-possible Documents and Records to meet the compliance requirement said above, such as

  • Information security Policy & objective
  • Risk Analysis record
  • Statement of Applicability (SOA)
  • Training Record
  • NDA
  • Information security performance Monitoring record
  • Internal Audit Record
  • Management Review Meeting Record
  • Corrective action and Continual Improvement Record

How to get ISO 27001 Certification?

After Implementation of ISO 27001 in the organization and maintaining all all-necessary documents & Records, Apply to ISO Certification Body. after the receipt of the Application, the Certification Body process further certification activities. The ISO 27001 Certification process is as follows

  • Receipt of application and application review
  • On-site Audit Planning and Audit Team assignments of ISO 27001 Audit
  • On-site Audit – Verifying the Compliance of ISO 27001 implemented in the organization.
  • Audit Report Preparation and submission to Certification Body for review and further process of Post Audit activities.
  • Award of ISO 27001 Certification

As a new user of this ISO 27001 standard wanted to know how much is the Cost of ISO 27001 Certification so that they can plan the budget accordingly. ISO Certification is a professional management System Service. So the Cost of ISO 27001 Certification is not fixed (Like other Products), it is derived from the organization’s information – such as – Number of Employees, Number of Users, Number of Servers, Activities of the organization, etc. So, when the organization planning for ISO 27001 certification can get the proposal from certification bodies and choose the Certification – which cost is found to be suitable for the organization.

What are the Benefits of ISO 27001 Certification?

The Benefits of ISO 27001 Certification is not Limited, but the most prominent benefits of ISO 27001 Certification are

  • Enhancement of Information Security of the organization
  • Enhancement of Credibility of the organization
  • Enhancement of Legal and Regulatory Compliance related to Information security
  • Building the Confidence of Clients and Interested Party
  • New Potential Business Opportunity   

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