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Certification Of Management System – ISO 9001 Certification

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ISO 9001 Certification

Certification Of Management System – ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 CertificationA Quality Management System-The Need Of the Hour For Every Business

No matter what business you are in and what services or products you deal in, maintaining the quality in the entire process of the organization is absolutely necessary. To ensure this, they use a Quality Management System (QMS) that has been made most successful system for an organization for overall growth of the organization in aspects. It is a set of guidance, and requirements and regulations that are essential for a business to follow to make its products and services which meets the clients’ requirements and popular among the clients, collaborators, or partners. No business can grow systematically and prosper without meeting the specifications requirements that are mentioned in a Quality Management System! Usually, the International Organization for Standardization frames the ISO 9001:2015 Standards which give the opportunity to obtain QMS certificates. Here, the mention of ISO 9001 is a must as it is one of the most popular ISO certificates that around companies or service providers are following from all over the world.


What Is An ISO 9001 Certification?

As said, ISO 9001 has been the best ISO certificate that talks about and specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS). A business needs to apply for this ISO standard whenever it plans to show up its capabilities to provide products and services steadily. Here, the certificate is the evidence of compliance to QMS meeting customer expectations, along with in addition to applicable statutory or supervisory requirements.


What Is The Major Objective Of ISO 9001 Certification?

ISO 9001 betters and expands manufacturing quality management systems by necessitating comprehensive processes and applying gap analysis and core audits. All the major needs of ISO 9001:2015 are broad and common and are valid to any organization, irrespective of its nature of business, services, or products, or on any other grounds. An ISO 9001 certification stands for assuring that your business meets all the requirements that can lead to substantial benefits for your business over other competitors.

What Is The Process Of ISO 9001:2015 Certification?

iso certificationIn the opinion of the prominent ISO 9001 Certification Service Providers, the process of obtaining this coveted certification is very critical and is completed in a few distinct steps. Remember, the companies and the service providers cannot skip any step as it can make them run into a risk of rejecting the application!

The Certification Process Include the following 3 phases/steps:

  • Submission and Embellishment of documentation
  • Ensuring implementation of the QMS into practice
  • Issue of the Certificate by an attributed certification body

Certification By The Accredited Certification Body-The Process Followed

  • Registration of the application
  • Arrangement for accompanying a certification audit

(Usually, the certification audit happened in two distinctive stages)

  • Constituting a team of expert and certified auditors
  • Chalking out a plan for neutral audit
  • Auditors verify the facts in the following sub-phases:
    • verification of the documents provided
    • Scrutiny of the facts right at the organization’s place
  • The embellishment of the Audit Report based on the Documentation, evidences and Audit Findings.
  • Assessment of the Audit Report by the Certification Body
  • Issuance of the ISO 9001 Certificate

The auditors play a very significant role in completing the certification process. During the three-year validity period of the certification, the auditor conducts a scrutiny audit that happens once a year. Here, they decode issuing one of the following certificates. It is good to mention that the decision of issuing the certificate does not depend on their willpower. Instead, it depends on their findings in the investigation:

  • The choice on authentication of the credential legitimacy until the next investigation;
  • Verdict on the postponement of the credential;
  • Pronouncement on the extraction of the record due to a basic deviation from the need of certification standard.

What are the Quality Management Principles In ISO 9001 Certification?

Usually, the ISO Certification experts follow seven distinct principles enrooted for effective performance of QMS for implementation, Business practices, ISO 9001 Certification & issuing the certificate to the businesses. These principles include the following:

  • #1: Customer focus
  • #2: Leadership
  • #3: Engagement of people
  • #4: Process approach
  • #5: Improvement
  • #6: Evidence-based decision making
  • #7: Relationship management

Why Should Business Go For Becoming ISO 9001 Certified Company?

To be very precise, there are many reasons. Some of the prominent one’s include the following:

  • Better customer satisfaction
  • Healthier manufacturer-supplier relationship
  • Increased revenue
  • Enhanced operating efficiency
  • Better decision-making capability
  • Greater employee engagement
  • Improvement in business scalability
  • Superior process integration
  • Guarantee for improved culture

Summing up:

Usually, the businesses that deal in products that are in demand in the market need to guarantee the maintenance of superior quality for their products. This demands authentication that they can achieve only after getting ISO 9001:2015 certification!

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