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How to Get ISO Certification For Computer Training Institute

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ISO 9001:2015 Certification

In the competitive market, the computer institute every computer training Institute wants to get recognized for its system at the international level. So that the candidate or guardian of candidates has trust in the computer institute and understands that the education level of the computer training Institute is world class and the management system of the computer training Institute is certified by a third party.

The best way is to get ISO certification for computer institutes with the ISO certification body.

Every computer training institute is thinking about how to get ISO certification for their computer training institute.

Every owner of the computer training institute has several common questions prior to going for ISO certification for computer institute are – ISO 9001 Certification requirements, ISO 9001 certification process, ISO 9001 certification cost, ISO 9001 certification procedure, how to get ISO 9001 certification, iso 9001 certification bodies in India, the time needed to get ISO 9001 certified and document required to get ISO 9001 certification for computer institute, ISO 9001 implementation requirements for computer training institute, etc.

Now I would like to explain the answer to the common question to the computer training institute for those who want to know how to get ISO Certification for computer institutes.

First of all the computer training institute needs to set the purpose of computer training institute – for example – only training on general computer training operations or Training on certification courses under the affiliation with some university or own design course, training on software development or certification Language or Programming or Training Hardware & Networking or any training related to computer.

Then identify the process involved in performing the desired computer training, sequence the computer training identified the process, Set up the specification & Criteria for performing each process, and arrange the resources for the delivery of computer training courses. Monitor the performance of each process. Etc.

After developing each process – implement the ISO 9001 requirements as stated in the standard form clauses 4 to 8.

Develop the Quality Manual of the Computer training institute in line with ISO 9001:2008 requirements. Establish the computer training institute’s Quality Policy and objective. Set the role and responsibility of each person within the Institute. provide awareness training to each person on ISO 9001 requirements, Quality Policy & objectives, processes, procedures, criteria, etc.

Conduct the Internal Audit and Management review meeting on the implemented QMS Management System.

ISO 9001 certification process – After the implementation of ISO 9001 and conducting Internal Audit & MRM, Apply to Certification Body for ISO 9001 Certification of Computer Institute. The certification body will visit your computer institute and conduct the Audit. After the Audit, the Audit team leader will prepare the Audit Report and submit it to the Certification Body for review and certification decision. Based on the certification decision the ISO 9001 certificate of your computer training institute shall be issued.

ISO certification cost to Computer Training Institute – In general practice, the cost of certification shall be derived considering, Number of employees (Full time/ Part-time/ Subcontracted), the Number of Sites or Brach of computer institutes covered under the certification, the number of the working shifts, etc. The ISO cost of certification is not fixed it varies from organization to organization and certification body to certification body.

ISO Certification Body in India – There are many ISO Certification Bodies in India – but it is advised to select those certification bodies – that have the accreditation from the accreditation body – that is a members of IAF. The second parameter for the selection of an ISO certification body is the cost of certification and if possible the service of the certification body is available in your area/city etc.
ISO 9001 Certification


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