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How To Get ISO Certification For Dental Clinic

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ISO 9001:2015 Certification

These days ISO Certification becomes a Necessity for every Organization for going on top, Many Organization Knows a Little bit about ISO Certification, Here We will describe the Importance of ISO 9001 and how it is Beneficial for Dental Clinic.

ISO 9001 is related to the Quality Management System, Basic Purpose of taking ISO Certification for Dental Clinics is to Improve the Effectiveness of the Clinic and to establish the System of Operations. ISO 9001 Certification is best suitable for Dental clinics. Any dental Clinic that wants to enhance its credibility of the Clinic can go for ISO 9001 Certification to build its image in society

For Getting ISO Certification for Dental Clinic, Organization has to maintain a Quality Manual, Related Procedures of Operational Activity, and Work Instructions for Various Processes (i.e.; Patient Record-Keeping, Extraction of Teeth, Records, Anaphylactic Shock, Replacement of Teeth, Lignocaine Toxicity), Statutory and Regulatory Requirements related to dental Clinical Services i.e. Registered under Indian Dental Association of Local Area (as applicable), License for Dental Clinic, As applicable According to Local Government & also Clinic has to Appoint Management Representative.

Also, the Clinic has to set up some General Documentation & Processes For Establishing Better Effectiveness i.e. Facts About Oral Dental Care, Developing Dental Related FAQ, Dental Treatment Guide, Myths in Dentistry, Smart Snacks for Healthy Teeth, Pain Control in Dentistry, Types of Dentistry (Endodontics, Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology, Oral Medicine And Diagnostic Radiology, Periodontics, Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, Pediatric Dentistry, Prosthodontics, General Dentistry), Pain Control In Dentistry (Common causes of Dental Pain & their Diagnosis), Managing Dental Emergency Situations (Angina, Hypotension, Epileptic Fits, Lignocaine Toxicity, Syncope, and Many More), Patient Record-Keeping (includes digital images and electronic charting).

General Process, which are required to establish for Dental Clinic is Dental General Treatment is administered on a First Come First Serve basis, while Dental Special treatment is given on an Appointment basis and Appointment Diary is kept for each Doctor, Work is carried out as per Work Instructions, Room wise equipment checklist is kept updated, Material used in treatment is recorded for each room, Records of Lab work are kept, Equipment maintenance records are kept, Sterilization of equipment is carried out in Autoclave and records are kept, Patient Feedback is taken for improving the services, Work Instruction for Dental Staff.

The Instruments and equipment used for Dental Clinics such as Mouth Mirrors, Tweezers, Cheatle Forceps, Swap Holding Forceps, Towel Clips, Schaedel Towel Clips, Explorer, Root Elevators, Bone Rongeurs, Pliers For Orthodontics, Rubber Dam Instruments, Cotton & Dressing Pliers, Excavators, Scalers, Crown Instruments, etc. as per Requirement are Properly Placed with Identification Code and Calibration of these Instruments (as applicable) are required to Maintained.

ISO 9001Training for Implementation – There are Several Consultancies available across the World for Training and Implementation But If you Want to take the Training for Implementation then the Organization has to decide on the Best consultant Depends upon Market Reputation Because there are so many Unauthorized Consultants not Competent as per Required, So Beware of this.

There are so many ISO Certification Bodies available across the World, But Organization has to choose the Certification Body which is accredited by IAF and Certification Agency, Organization has to confirm that Certification Body has a Good Reputation in the Market because there are several Bodies Present which do the Fraud Certification, So Beware of this.

The cost of ISO Certification for a Dental Clinic Depends upon the Size of the Clinic, the Number of Employees, and the Activities performed by the Clinic; it varies from clinic to clinic.
ISO 9001 Certification

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