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IMS Standard Certification services

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IMS Certification

IMS Standard Certification Services

As per the ISO Certification Experts’ view on the IMS Certification – The IMS stands for Integrated Management System (IMS) – When more than one Management System Standards requirements are integrated together for implementation in the organization known as Integrated Management System (IMS).  When the ISO Certification Body certifies the implemented Integrated Management System of the organization is known as IMS Certification.  During IMS Certification the Certification Body may issue one Single Certificate covering the IMS Standard known as IMS Certificate. But as per ISO Expert’s View – in IMS Certification – it is advisable that issuing of Single Certificate for each management System Standard is better.  Because in case if the organization that implements the Integrated Management System (IMS) wants to withdraw any one single Management System standard – then there is no change required in IMS Certificate.

What are the IMS standards?

Many users are interested to know What are the IMS standards? as per the ISO Experts’ view – when more than one ISO Management System Standard requirements are integrated together for implementation and Certification is known as IMS Standard. The possible integration of different IMS Standards combinations is provided below.

IMS Standard – There are many possibilities of IMS Standards for implementation and IMS Certification, few examples of IMS Standard combinations are given below for an understanding user

IMS Standard the Combination of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 standard can be considered as IMS Standard of 3 different Management System Standard for integration and implementation in the organization. Similarly, the organization may choose any more than one Management System Standard for Integrated Management System (IMS Certification)

Integration of ISO 9001 certification and ISO 22000 Certification

Integration of ISO 9001 Certification and ISO 14001 Certification

Integration of ISO 9001 Certification and ISO 27001 Certification

Integration of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 Certification

So, the organization may choose any combination of IMS Standards for IMS Certification.

Benefits of IMS Certification Standard

As per ISO Certification Expert’s View, there are several benefits to choosing the IMS Standard for Implementation and IMS Certification, Few Examples of benefits of IMS Certification Standards are given below to understating the user

  • The cost of Implementation and IMS Certification will reduce
  • Less Documentation is required as compared to taking individuals certification of different Management Systems Standard
  • Requirements of Clients meet
  • Performance of the organization improved
  • With the Same Resources and Infrastructure, the multiple ISO Standard Certification
  • No Extra Manpower is required for Different ISO Certification Standard

Apart from these benefits of IMS Standard Certification, there are several other benefits, which organizations can experience when implementing the Integrated Management System Standard.

How to apply for IMS Certification

It is a similar to single Management System certification process, implementing the IMS Standards after integrating the different management system standards.

Steps for IMS Certification

  • Implement the IMS Standards
  • Conduct the Internal Audit and Management Review Meeting
  • Find the Accredited ISO Certification Body
  • Apply for IMS Certification
  • Get IMS Audit done by ISO Certification Body
  • Award of IMS Certification

The above explanation on IMS Standard and IMS Certification could be helpful for the user organization to understand all about IMS. Even if you feel any further information is required on IMS Standards and certification, feel free to contact us, our ISO Certification Experts team will provide further information to make you clarified on IMS.

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