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Inspection of structural steel products

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Inspection of Structural Steel

Inspection of structural steel products

As per the Industry Experts View – In present day development, steel structures are utilized for pretty much every kind of construction including substantial modern structure, elevated structure, hardware emotionally supportive network, foundation, connect, tower, air terminal, weighty mechanical plant, pipe rack, and so forth

The Steel including micro-alloyed steel plates, strips, shapes and sections (angles, tees, beams, channels, etc), flats, bars, etc, for use in structural work.

The Steel is widely used due to its properties and flexibility in change of its chemical and mechanical properties by processing considering its applications also it’s a recycled Material safe for environment after the life of products.

Considering the wider application of Steel products for General Engineering purpose, This Inspection of Structural steel play the most important role at different stages such as during, Manufacturing, prior to use, during fabrication, in service stage etc.

Inspection of Structural Steel Products

As per Structural Steel Inspection Experts view, before proceeding for Inspection of Structural Steel, The Inspection Team must know the Applicable IS / ISO/ ASME standards for Structural Steel Products and requirements of Inspection and its acceptance Criteria and make the necessary preparedness – i.e prepared the data sheet – prior to perform the Inspection Structural steel products. Also take into considerations of Customer specific requirements, including QAP/ Drawing / Specification etc.

General Test on structural Steel products

As per Inspection Experts view, unless until specified the Test requirements by clients/ supplier depend on the application / uses of the steel products. The general Test on Structural Steel Products are

Types of tests on Finish Goods.

  • Chemical Tests – Chemical Composition Test
  • Tensile Strength Test
  • Bend Test
  • Impact Test
  • Y groove crackability tests
  • Yield stress
  • Elongation
  • Charpy test
  • Hardness

The Following Non-Destructive tests may be performed on Structural Steel Products

  • Dye penetration test
  • Magnetic Particle test
  • Radiography Test
  • Ultrasonic tests.

The Inspector performing the Third Party Inspection of Structural product, must be aware about the defects of Structural steel Products. There are many types of Defects on Structural steel product, But the most common defects on Structural steel products are given below for reference of Inspection Engineer – who are performing Inspection on Behalf of Third-Party Inspection agency.


Type of Defects in Structural Steel which the inspector may come across.

  • Flaws
  • Lamination
  • Rough / imperfect edges.
  • Cracks

Third Party Inspection of Structural Steel Product

Generally following Inspection stages are performed by the professional Third-Party Inspection Agency for Inspection of Structural Steel products, unless until clients have some special Inspection instructions or requirements.


Document Review

The document review shall be performed prior to Inspection of Structural steel – The Inspection Engineer may verify the Following documents, but not limited




Test report of Raw Material

Calibration Certificate of Monitoring and Measuring Equipment’s


Material Inspection

During Raw Material Inspection, the following to be checked but it is not limited

Chemical composition.

Mechanical properties

Dimensional Inspection

Physical Qty Verification

Defects on Raw Material


Inspection During Fabrication

The fabrication activities may be – Cutting, Bending, Punching, Drilling, Trimming, welding etc

So during the Fabrication Inspection, the Dimensional Inspection of product to be performed as per Approved Drawing / QAP .. But for Welding Inspection the NDT test required to be checked to ensure that welded parts are meeting the NDT Test requirements as specified in QAP / Approved Drawing.


Inspection at Bolting and Riveting Stage

If the structural Steel products have Bolting and Riveting provision based on its application. The Inspecting Engineer Must Check the Dimensions of Hole and Where Bolting / Riveting is done along with quality of Blot & Rivet (which are meeting the specification requirements). Once Bolting / Riveting is done on Structural steel product – Must check its Fitment and other Testing such as Load Test / any specific Test requirements prescribed by QAP/ Drawing / Specification


Inspection at surface Coating (Painting / Plating / Galvanizing etc)

For surface Coating inspection – The Inspection Must Look into the surface preparing prior to Coating, Paint / Plating / Galvanizing Thickness on Finnish Product, along with some Test may be performed – as referred in QAP/ Specification etc


Final Inspection

This Final Inspection of Structural Steel Products is performed as per Approved Drawing / QAP


Third Party Inspection Agency in India for Inspection of Structural Steel Products

We are a one of Leading Third-Party Inspection Agency in India for Inspection Structural Steel product.  We have team of highly experience professional Engineers – who have wide range of Industrial Experience in the manufacturing, Fabrication and Inspection of Structural steel products.

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