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Inspection of Surface Coating Process & Products

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Third-Party Inspection Service

Inspection of Surface Coating Process & Products

As per the Third-Party Inspection Agency Expert View on Surface Coatings – The surface coating is a process applied on any product, and components to protect the surface from getting rusted, give a good aesthetic look to the components, protect the products from environmental effects, Enhance the life of products – There are several uses of Surface Coating i.e Painting on the product, Zn Plating, Galvanizing, Metalizing, etc


Inspection of Surface Coating

Prior to the inspection of the Surface Coating process or Product – The Third-Party Inspection services provider ensure that the Inspector deployed for Inspection shall have sufficient knowledge of the surface coating processes of products/ components, the intended use of the products, their application, their defects, machinery used during manufacturing, measuring equipment, type of test to be performed during the inspection, properties of the product, Document Verification, etc. As Per the Expert’s View – Prior to Inspection The Inspector shall prepare the Third-Party Inspection Checklist – with reference to customer requirement / QAP/ SOP/ IS Codes/ Relevant specifications.

There are some IS Standards/ ISO Codes which may be referred by Inspection IS 1573, IS 14209, IS 4759, IS 13871, IS 2629, IS 101, QAP, Drawings, ASTM Standard, ISO Standard for preparation of Third-Party Inspection Checklist to perform the Third-Party Inspection services of Surface Coating process and products.

Use of Surface-Coated Products

As per Inspection Expert View, – Surface Coating Products are most widely used for Industrial and domestic use products.  A few Examples are (But are not Limited to)

  • Auto Parts
  • Engineering Components
  • Infrastructure /Building Products
  • Sports equipment
  • Automobiles (motorbikes, busses, cars)
  • Locomotives (Trains, Engines, coaches)
  • Other transport equipment
  • Home Appliances
  • Construction & agricultural equipment
  • Safety & security equipment.

Types of Surface Coating Process

As per Third Party Inspection Agency expert’s view, the most widely used surface coating process in the industry is

  • Electro Plating
  • Powder Coating
  • Blackodozings/ Auto Black
  • Galvanizing
  • Vapor Deposition
  • Thermal spraying
  • Epoxy Coating
  • Acrylic Coatings
  • Painting

The Key Raw material required for Surface Coatings

  • Zinc for Electro Plating
  • Powder – Powder Coating
  • Chemicals – Blackodozings/ Auto Black
  • Zinc – Galvanizing
  • Epoxy paint for Epoxy Coating
  • Paints for painting,
  • Acids for pickling, phosphating (7-tank process)

What are the benefits of surface coating?

  • It protects products/ components from rusting
  • It provides a good aesthetic look to the products/ components.
  • It increases the life of products/ components

What is the equipment required for surface coatings?

  • 7- Tanks
  • Zinc Bath/ Tub.
  • Powder spray booth
  • Baking oven.
  • Paint Booth
  • Bins
  • Lifting Equipment
  • Furnace for the galvanizing plant.

Process for surface coating

Receipt of material – check for surface conditions – finalize the concentration of the acid for (pickling/ phosphating) – Start the 7-Tank process (Degreasing – water rinsing – acid dip – water rinsing – pickling/ phosphating – water rinsing – passivation/ Chromating) Heating of product to remove the acids in the products & Components (in case if tubular) – coating process – baking in case of powder coating.


What Inspection and testing can be performed on surface coated products?

As per the Expert’s view, there are many types of Inspection & Testing that can be performed on Surface Coated products – Depending on their application and the requirements of the user/ client/ supplier. But the most widely Inspection and Testing methods adopted by Industry are

  • Mass of Coating
  • Adhesion Test
  • Peel off test
  • Salt spray test
  • Hammer Test
  • Scratch test by Knife
  • Uniformity of coatings

 What testing equipment’s used for surface coated product inspection?

  • Testing Laboratory
  • Elco meter/ DFT Meter.
  • Pivot Hammer
  • Knife
  • Scratching Tool

Types of Defects on Surface-Coated products

  • Flux
  • Ash
  • Bare patches
  • Black spots
  • Pimples
  • Lumpiness
  • Runs
  • Rust strains
  • Bulky white deposits

Third-Party Inspection Agency in India for Inspection of Surface Coating Process & Products

We are a leading Third-Party Inspection Agency in India providing Third-Party Inspection services on Surface Coating Processes & Products. We have a team of Highly experienced professional Engineers who have depth understating and Experience in the Inspection of Surface Coating Processes & Products.  Being a Type-Inspection Agency – our Team is meeting the ISO 17020 Competency requirements – which assured that the Inspection results are most reliable. Also, we assure the Timely delivery of services to clients at the best affordable professional charges

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