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Inspection of Wire Rope

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Inspection of Wire Rope

Inspection of Wire Rope

Let’s understand the Wire Rope, it’s Application and why the Inspection of Wire Rope is important.

About Wire Rope

Wire Rope is a construction of bunch of several individual wire twisted together (known as Strands) in particular Lay direction depending on its applications.

Application of Wire Rope

Wire ropes are most widely used for Lifting the material / equipment’s with support of Cranes or other suitable equipment. Now it is most widely used for industrial application across the industry and as Lift in Office / Mall / Business center – where people travel from one floor to another floor.

Now we have understood that the Wire Rope has wider application across Industry, commercial and residential uses. So, impotence of its Quality and Reliability plays very much important role. Any failure in wires may cause to human safety & Loss to property.

Component of wire Ropes 

Key Components of Wire Rope

  • Wire
  • Core
  • Thimble

Wire – wire is made of Steel

Core – Core   is the components of wire Rope on which the bunch of twisted wire Ropes are Bunched together considering it application and use – The Core may be plastic or Steel wire – it all depends of the specification and requirements.

Thimble – Thimble is a component which fixed with wires both joints – The design and shape of Thimble depends on the application of Wire Rope.

So, we understand that – there mainly 3 Key Components of Wire Rope – Wire, Core and Thimble.

Points to be checked in Wire Rope

Considering the Wire rope application and severity proper Inspection of wire rope prior to its use is very much important.

The Following points to be taken in to considerations with inspection of Wire Ropes

  • Dimensions – The Dimensions are Number of Strands, Number of wires in strands, Length, Dia of Strand /Wire Ropes, Lay Direction,
  • Constructions – Prior to Construction of wire Rope the following factors to be considered depending on use and application of Wire Rope


Abrasion resistance


Resistance to crushing

Fatigue or Endurance Strength

Corrosion resistance

So, before construction of Wire rope, there points to be considered – for selection of steel wire, its grade etc.

  • Grade of Raw material used for Wire Rope Construction- Specially the Tensile Grade of Steel wire – used in Wire Ropes – There Different type of Tensile Grade of Steel wire. The most widely use Tensile Grade of steel wire Grade are in range of 1230 to 2340 N/ mm2 Tensile Strength range.
  • Core and lay of wire Rope
  • Lubrication
  • Finish, Coating – Galvanizing or Non- Galvanizing

Inspection of Wire Rope

When any professional or Professional organization – Third Party Inspection Agency perform the Inspection of Wire Rope take the consideration of above points, but   this is not Limited. They must refer to Client’s requirement, application and relevant IS Specification too, for performing the Inspection of Wire Ropes.

While Sampling of Wire Rope – it is advisable to do the Dimensional Inspection 100 % and Wire to Breaking strength Testing – as per agreed Terms & Condition or refer to IS specification.

When Wire Rope Rejected or Not in Use

There are many factors for Discard / Rejection of wire Rope, few examples are given below

  • In case of Wear and Tear
  • External Deformation
  • Wire Rupture
  • Core Collapsed
  • Accidental damage
  • Rusting

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