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ISO 27001 – ISO Certification In India. Is It Really Worth?

ISO 27001 – ISO Certification In India

The world has become digital and to thrive what matters is the information. It’s the right information at the right time which lets your business prosper and provides you a cutting edge over your competitors.

Ever wondered that information too needs security, the way our wallet?

No! It’s surprising and needs you to revisit your decision of not doing so.

The world has changed and so has changed the stealing and robbing, ways and techniques, products and services. Earlier it was money that was stolen the most, whereas nowadays it’s the information which is stolen and we call it as cyber-crime.

Organizations are active to acquire ISO 27001 to make them future-ready to face any such causality and well equipped to prevent data theft by adopting strong systems, guards, and practices. Let’s have a quick look at what is this new buzz and how it is making the organizations safer, stronger and future-ready.

So, what is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 was earlier known as ISO/IEC 27001:2005, and it comprises of the specifications and guidelines for an information security system (ISMS). This information security system is nothing great rather than just a framework of systems, procedures, and policies which includes legal, physical and technical controls to safeguard the organization’s risk towards information management process.

The ISO 27001 provides a model for establishing, incorporating, implementing, monitoring reviewing, and updating the information security management system as per the international standards at regular intervals.

It’s the largest strength is that it is technology-neutral and is equally applicable to all services and products irrespective of their similarity.

How to proceed for ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 follows a six-step process that can be easily adopted, followed, and maintained. Let’s go step by step:

The first step is to define a security policy as per your product and services.

The next is to work out the scope of the Information Security Management System.

Now you should conduct a risk assessment to ensure that the things are at the right place as should be.

The next to go in managing the identified risks is to decide that how you would deal with the risk, and what do you think are the best ways to tackle them.

After it, you have to select the control objectives and the controls you want to implement.

The last step is to prepare the statement and document it’s applicability.

The ISO 27001 is systematic and flexible and doesn’t mandate specific controls for information security. It broadly comprises of detailed documentation, management responsibility, internal audit intervals, the procedure for continuous improvement, and steps for corrective and preventive action.

So, by now what all this ISO 27001 stands for is clear to you. Now let’s move on to why the start-ups need to invest in it.

Why ISO 27001 is worth investing for the starters?

New businesses or start-ups must pay attention to the information security as there are many other hurdles, they have to overcome to establish their venture. This not only provides the start-ups with the aggressive edge over the competition but also makes them a much attractive proposition to work along with. The world has digitalized, and all the transactions and processes are online. In case the start-ups are not serious about the security of their information or their clients then who would like to work with them and risk their account details and other private/secret information and data. Let’s chalk out the prominent reasons for going for ISO 27001.

1) Compliance – Compliance with the organizational and Government rules, regulations, and procedures is a must and cannot be taken lightly or for granted. There have to be comprehensive checklists, regular audits, and other safeguards to comply with the norms and the pre-requisites to avoid fines, penalties and other investigations that would otherwise hamper the smooth functioning of the start-ups. Law enforces the organizations to follow special procedures and submit complying information and documents timely. And on the top, there are frequent modifications and alterations in the rules and procedures, what all organizations have to follow without any waiver for being, new, innocent and unaware. Therefore, the ISO keeps them on the check, attentive, and alert to remain updated, and comply with all the changing norms and rules. 

2) Risk Cover – The ISO 27001 provides a risk cover to all the start-ups who are not aware of various information and data theft techniques prevailing around. They may be on their best safeguard, but may not be aware of all the dangers they are vulnerable to or they may be silent on the threats, they don’t even consider as a threat unless they undergo a one. Their this risk is taken care of by the ISO as regular internal audits followed by external audits keep them on their toes and regular checks to not get them to victimize by unseen causalities, which could otherwise imperil the start-up itself.  

3) Competitive Edge – ISO 27001 provides the best competitive edge to the start-ups by standing them apart from the clutter and making them the most preferred organizations to work with. Their keenness to take care of their information and data stems from the confidence of their clients that all the information whatever they are sharing with them is secure and safe without any danger to be misused or leaked to their competitor. We all are interested in keeping our private information regarding ourselves and our establishments completely secured and would give consideration to the organizations who respect privacy and secrecy and take steps to safeguard them.

4) Responsible and attentive manpower – ISO 27001 compels your employees as well as the management to remain updated and well informed of their systems and procedures to safeguard the data and other information while maintaining regular backups of all the information as per the systems made. As the organization has to undergo regular internal and third-party audits, therefore the employees cannot risk any casualness or reluctance in abiding with the systems. In this manner, the number of failures or rework got reduced to a large extent and provides a definite edge in cost-cutting and keeping other expenses low and under check, which in turn provides them with the lower operational and other costs to become the first choice of their prospects.

5) Secured information – The start-ups have to face a cut-throat competition to make their presence felt and let the show going on, leave aside establishing among their competitors. In such an environment in case, their information or data get stolen it would be a real catastrophe for them to again start their start-up. So, it would be advisable to adopt all the latest world-class systems and procedures to safeguard their data they way responsible organizations are doing. ISO 27001 provides them this necessary tool to remain tuned and stay ahead.

Conclusion – Thus you would agree that ISO 27001 is no more an option rather an important step towards establishing a start-up securely, firmly, and confidently. In its absence, you never know which moment would be the last for your venture. It is the most strategic decision a start-up could ever take.

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