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What is ISO 9001:2015 Requirements of Leadership

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What is ISO 9001:2015?

ISO 9001:2015 is a Quality Management System Standard, when the organization planning for adopting this standard for implementation in the organization – it can help the organization for overall enhancement of performance of the organization and Customer Satisfaction. This QMS Standard has seven key clauses in the ISO 9001:2015 Standard, which are

  • Context of the organization
  • Leadership
  • Planning
  • Support
  • Operation
  • Performance evaluation
  • Improvement

For ISO 9001 Certification, the organization who are planning for ISO Certification for ISO 9001:2015. They should Implement the requirement of the QMS Clause in the organization, prior to getting Certification.

For the business community awareness, we have published the requirements of ISO 9001 Clause 4 – Context of the organization

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Now we are taking the Opportunity for Further Explanation of the requirements of ISO 9001 in view that the business community organization Looking for ISO 9001 Certification, can get benefits from understanding the requirements for the Effective implementation of QMS in the organization.

What are the Requirements for ISO 9001 Clause # 5 – Leadership?

When the organization is implementing clause # 5 of ISO 9001 – Leadership, first of all, it makes sure that the involvement of Top Management is the key focus requirement of this Clause.  The involvement of the Top Management in the entire Key process of QMS.

To Demonstrate the Leadership of Top Management in the QMS process, the Top Management takes commitments by

  • Assuring accountability for the effectiveness of the quality management system.
  • Establishing the quality policy and quality objectives
  • Review the Effectiveness of QMS
  • Ensuring that the process approach and risk-based thinking are adopted in the organization.
  • Ensuring that all the necessary resources are available for effective operations of the organization to meet the customer requirements
  • Communicating the importance and Requirements of Customers/ Regulatory Bodies and QMS
  • Motivation and Supporting persons to contribute to the effectiveness of the quality management system.
  • Promoting improvement

As per ISO 9001:2015 Standard – This Clause has – four Sub- Clauses

Customer focus

Where the Top Management of the organization ensures that customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements are identified, understood, and consistently met. Address the Potential Risk and opportunities that can affect product and service conformity. Also, ensure that customer Satisfaction enhancement

Establishing the quality policy

Top management shall develop and implement the Quality Policy of the organization and ensure that the Quality Policy of the organization shall have the commitments to – Customer Satisfaction, satisfy applicable requirements, and continuous improvement of the quality management system.

Communicating the quality policy

The Top Management Shall ensure that the Quality Policy of the organization is communicated the everyone in the organization and is made available to all relevant parties. Also, it is displayed at prominent places in the organization.

Organizational roles, responsibilities, and authorities

Human resource is the key requirement of the organization – who run the QMS of the organization is also responsible for effective performance. So, Establishing the   Role, Responsibility, and Authority of each person in the organization is a key requirement of Top Management for the smooth operation of the Business and meeting the objective of the organization.

What are the documents required for ISO 9001 Clause # 5 Leadership?

To maintain compliance with this clause, the following documents required

  • Quality Manual – where the Role of the Top Management should be described along with the Organization Chart and the Role, Responsibility, and Authority of each person
  • Quality Policy and Quality Objective
  • Customer Satisfaction Monitoring criteria and record

These documents can help the organization’s effective demonstration of the implementation of ISO 9001:2015 in the organization for ISO 9001 Certification.

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