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What is ISO 9001 & why it is Important?

ISO 9001 Certification

What is ISO 9001 & why it is Important?

Now a day’s the organizations are very keen to know What is ISO 9001 & why it is Important? As per the data many organizations have obtained the ISO 9001 Certification by understanding the importance of ISO 9001 and has been benefited. Also, across the country Govt. and OEM organizations are putting more emphasis on Quality Management System (ISO 9001) implementation and ISO Certification to the Industry and Business Organization. Govt. MSME Association also takes the Initiatives for creating awareness of ISO 9001 Certification to Industry and Same time OEM also for their supplier organization.

Let’s understand What is ISO 9001 & why it is Important?

ISO 9001 is a Quality Management System Standard- This QMS was developed and published by ISO in view to provide a systematic approach of business practices to organization. ISO 9001 requirements provides the organization a systematic standardize business practice approach to organization.  This Quality Management System Standard is not limited to only quality of products or services provided by the organization.  This QMS Standard requirements are taken into considerations as whole business activities and practices of the organization. Now we have understood ISO 9001 Quality Management System requirements are as whole Quality of Organization considering the all the activities of the organization, it is not limited to Quality of the products only.

What is ISO 9001?

Above we have explained ISO 9001 -Quality Management System also in short, we can say QMS.  Now we want to further explain ISO 9001 Standard and Its key requirements -who that you can understand What is ISO 9001? In more depth.

The key objective of ISO 9001 Quality Management System is to consistently supply of products and services which meets the customer requirements and requirements of Applicable regulatory requirements (if any).

The Basis of Quality Management System Concept to adopt the Process Approach, Risk Based Thinking and apply the QMS principles in the routine Business activities.

When the organization adopts Process Approach, Risk Base Thinking and QMS principle in routine business activities along with other ISO 9001 Requirements, the entire organization’s QMS performance will enhanced and overall performance of the organization will be improved.

Some of key requirements of ISO 9001 are

Context of the organization

Leadership and commitment

Actions to address risks and opportunities



Monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation

But it advised the organization to see the details of ISO 9001 requirement in ISO 9001:2015 Standard – where detailed requirements clause by clause is given. There are many requirements given in Quality Management System Standard – but is not necessary that all the requirements are applicable to organization. So before opting for ISO 9001 implementation for ISO 9001 Certification. Look into the requirement of QMS and see which requirement is applicable accordingly you can apply to organization for implementation of QMS.

Why ISO 9001 is important for an organization to get ISO Certified?

As above we have seen the QMS is standard which provides the systematic business practice approach.  When the organization work as per standards and systematic business practice approach, the organization may get the following advantages

  • Overall Enhancement of Performance of the organization which bring the organization into more business profits
  • Enhancement of Customer Satisfaction
  • New Business opportunity

All these advantages create the Importance of ISO 9001, now the clarification on Why ISO 9001 is important for an organization to get ISO Certified? Is explained satisfactory.

For more information about ISO 9001 requirement, how to get ISO 9001 Certified, ISO 9001 Certification process and how to apply for ISO 9001 Certification, kindly watch the video provided below. Hope it will clarify your all query related to ISO 9001 Certification In case you feel any further more information required, feel free to write us. We are a Leading ISO Certification Body for Management System Certification.

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