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ISO Certification Bodies in India

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Let’s Understand ISO Certification First.

ISO Certification is basically an internationally recognized standard that covers important areas of running and managing a business.

Getting ISO Certified is similar to getting a seal of approval from a third party (which eliminates the chances of being biased) that your company runs in accordance with international standards.

Why should you get ISO Certification?

By obtaining ISO Certification, you are putting your company forth as one which runs on a recognized framework and is ready for profitable growth.

Each ISO Standard has its own beneficial aspects. For instance:

ISO 9001 ensures that your company meets customer requirements along with regulatory obligations.

ISO 14001 enables your company to enhance its environmental performance.

ISO 22000 ensures that your company provides safe food products devoid of any health hazards.

ISO 27001 provides an efficient security framework that ensures that your information assets are safe.

ISO 45001 ensures that your company provides a safe and healthy working environment.

The generalized benefits of ISO Certification are as follows:

1) Increased Efficiency

2) Cost-effectiveness

3) Enhanced Credibility

4) Reduction in risks and hazards

5) More engagement of employees

When should you opt for ISO Certification?

If you meet some of the questions below, then perhaps it is indeed time for you to opt for ISO Certification.

1) Would you like to be more profitable?

2) Are there areas in your company that you wish to improve?

3) Do you want to improve your business practices?

4) Do you fix more rather than make plans for future development?

5) Is there no coordination among your employees?

6) Are all the processes and procedures going on undocumented?

7) Do you wish to reduce costs?

Which ISO Standard should you go for?

With over 20,000 standards available, it can be a bit of trouble knowing which one you should go for. But the most favorable place you should start is ISO 9001 Quality Management. It is basically a core standard on the basis of which the other standards stand.

The standard focuses on giving out high-quality products so that the customers are satisfied and ensure that their needs are met. And as such, you can implement some other standards that you deem fit to further enhance your business practice.

You can also discuss with us in order to find out which standard will fit your company more.

ISO Certification Bodies in India

There are bodies in India that you can look into for getting ISO Certification. But here, at M/S OSS Certification Services Pvt. Ltd, we ensure that your business will have no hard time meeting the requirements of the international standard.

It sounds a little daunting and scary, but you need not hesitate as we will be there to provide assistance and help you achieve your goals!

We address every target with a fresh approach and bring forth new solutions to tackle any uncertainty.

Our 24/7 customer service will be there to answer your every query. Our professional, dedicated, and experienced team will guide and provide assistance at every step. We are an accredited certification body in India providing ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, ISO 45001, and ISO 27001 Certification Services. We are also a certified training provider in India and offer Lead Auditor Training, Internal Auditor, and Awareness Training on Management System standards as well. Our Third Party Inspection Services

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