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ISO Certification in Pune Maharashtra Mumbai, Nasik, Aurangabad, Nagpur, Ahmed Nagar, Maharashtra

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Maharashtra is arranged in the Western part of India. It is the most industrialized state in India and has kept up its driving position in the mechanical part of the nation. The state is a pioneer in little-scale businesses and gloats of the biggest number of unique fare advancement zones. Maharashtra has an enormous base of gifted and modern work, making it a perfect goal for learning-based and producing areas.

With the rapid growth of the economy in recent years, demand for strengthening the existing infrastructure as well as the need for new infrastructure projects has increased enormously. Traditionally, the important infrastructure sectors like power, roads, railways, ports, airports, and communications were exclusively in the domain of the public sector. The lack of adequate infrastructure put constraints on the growth of the economy. Due to rising gaps between the demand and supply of infrastructure facilities and constraints in public finances, the Government has opened these sectors for private participation. The public sector continues to invest in infrastructure development in areas where private participation is minimal or not forthcoming.

Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises sector occupies an important position in the State industrial economy and continues to contribute to industrial production, export, creation of employment opportunities, etc.
Industrial cities in Maharashtra, Mumbai, Aurangabad, Nashik, Pune & Nagpur. Pune is the largest auto hub of India with over 4,000 manufacturing units in the Pimpri-Chinchwad region alone.


Nashik Region
Pune Region
Konkan Region
Nagpur Region
Aurangabad Region
Amravati Region

Considering the current Industrial Growth, it is very much important that all the small, medium, MSME, etc organization shall implement the ISO standards in the organization and get certified by any Third Party Accredited Auditing agency.

The implementation and ISO Certification will enhance customer satisfaction, Improve the overall performance of the organization, and Build the Credibility of the organization among customers. At the same time improves the organization’s Sales.

ISO implementation and certification will Enhance the competency level of the organization.

Provide the structured requirement for the development of the system of the organization

Provide the opportunity for Risk Base Thinking, and Identify the Potential Internal and External issues of the organization. and taking the Risk Analysis and identifying the Significant Risk and taking the appropriate action at the time of the Planning stage – which will help the organization to prevent any major issues with the organization. During ongoing operation of activities.

M/S OSS Certification Services Pvt Ltd, a leading certification body, is situated in Pune, the capital city of the Industrial Hub of Maharashtra. We are an accredited Certification Body providing Certification of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001 & ISO 22000 Certification in Pune, Nasik, Nagpur, Mumbai, Aurangabad, Ahmed Nagar, and all the Major Cities of Maharashtra.

Benefits of ISO Certification in Pune Maharashtra, Nasik, Nagpur, Mumbai, Aurangabad, Ahmed Nagar, and all the Major Cities of Maharashtra for MSME

Most MSMEs are micro or Small organizations – where the number of Employees is small in numbers. Shortage of a Sufficient number of Skilled workers is a challenge for most MSMEs – So to manage the business, semi-skilled and contracted persons are deployed to manage the business.

Which causes Low productivity, Internal rejection, and delays in delivery – which cause business losses. Reduction in the overall profitability of the organization. It is a big challenge to meet the market competition and the Expectations of customers. The ISO 9001:2015 implementation and certification – will provide a great advantage to MSME – which provides the following key advantage and same time business advantage to MSME.

– identify the Potential internal and External issues and address them after the Risk Analysis.

– Understand the Needs and Expectations of the Interested party and address then consider the potential Risk.

– Process Performance Monitored

– Competency of Employee – will be Evaluated and Training needs -be identified.

– Training will be provided to employees and workers – Skill will be enhanced and the Overall productivity of the organization improved.

– Customer requirements – will be reviewed timely

– Supplier performance will be monitored considering – Cost, Quality, and Delivery of the Product.

– Internal Rejections will be monitored on a regular basis and necessary action will be taken to reduce the Internal rejection – Same time reduced the Losses.

– Planned maintenance of machines / Equipment – will be carried out – which will reduce the Downtime of Machines – the organization will improve the Product Delivery Performance to clients – At the same time Customer Satisfaction will be improved.

– Timely Internal Audit – will be conducted – which benefits the organization – Find the lapses in the system, and provide the opportunity for Improvement by taking the action. – Organization will benefit from Effective Performance of organization.

– Final Inspection and Testing – the product will be inspected prior to delivery to the client – which benefits to the organization in reduction of Rejection of the Product at the Client’s end, same time customer Satisfaction will be enhanced

– Timely Conduct of Management Review meeting – which will provide the opportunity to review the Policy, and procedures for their suitability. Provide the opportunity to review the overall performance of the organization. Provide the opportunity to identify the area for Continual Improvements. Identify the resource Needed, Changes in the system, etc

So there are many benefits to MSME after ISO 9001 certification – by implementation and Certification of ISO the MSME in Pune, Nasik, Nagpur, Mumbai, Aurangabad, Ahmed Nagar, and all the major cities of Maharashtra. will make the overall business profits, Customer satisfaction and improve the Credibility of the Organization – without taking any Huge Investment in the organization. In other words – with limited resources – the organization will perform more effectively and make a profitable business.

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