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An Overview of Authorized Third-Party Inspection Service

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Third-Party Inspection Service

Third Party Inspection

Meeting quality parameters in the manufactured products is always a matter of concern for the buyers as well as the manufacturers. Both entities reserve the right to conduct adequate tests of the deliverable goods before the products are shipped. Both the manufacturers and the buyers have their own teams of quality control professionals that do the needful to check the quality. Known as the First Party Inspection (FPI) and Second-Party Inspection (SPI), these are good, still, the authority of these inspections is not often accepted as the parties involved in the business do not cooperate with each other. However, things cannot be left as it is!

What Is Meant Of Third-Party Inspection?

Third-Party Inspection (TPI) is the check or scrutiny and testing examination activities by a third-party agency. The agency is certified and has the authority to conduct with the clear resolution of certifying compliance of the goods purchased by the buyers. The main objective of TPI is to check if the products or services meet the standing international standard, code, and other technical specifications required by the customer. The examination process is often highly technical and the Third-Party Inspection Service Providers need to put extra effort to complete the whole process by paying close attention to technical control, testing, examination, and valuation. It is good to mention that the service providers for TPI are never involved in the process of designing, obtaining, producing, an edifice, and fitting the goods and accessories thereof!

What Are The Basic Requirements Of a Third-Party Inspection Company?

Third Party Inspection

Usually, all companies cannot work as a Third-Party Inspection agency. Here, it is important that they meet three basic requirements, otherwise, they would not function in this category. The basic characteristics include the following:

  • Independent: The TPI companies must be independent of all dependencies. They must never be involved in the entire process of manufacturing, delivery, or procurement of goods and services. The professionals working for the TPI agencies must meets the compliance of ISO 17020 Standard – Requirements for the operation of various types of bodies performing the inspection.
  • Qualification: Indeed, a quality inspector cannot be unqualified or underqualified. He must have complete knowledge of all the norms of standards along with the technology that is involved in the process of manufacturing the goods or products.
  • Impartial: It is yet another important characteristic that most TPI companies must fulfill. They must be 100% impartial while conducting the inspection of the manufactured goods that the buyers/importers are supposed to buy and take away. Their work would get affected if they are not impartial in carrying out their responsibilities. 

Why Should a Business Consider Hiring A Third Party Inspection Service?

When it comes to checking and guaranteeing quality control and guarantee, a business owner must prefer finding, reaching, and hiring experts who may have proven skills and a record of accomplishment in this domain. Checking the produced goods simply means that the produced products have been checked thoroughly before they are dispatched to the buyer’s place. Here, completing all the norms mentioned in the standing law books is a must and no one can deny this ever.


When Does It Become Necessary To Hire The Services of A TPI Company?

In the opinion of the experts for providing Third-Party Inspection services, hiring the experts in TPI becomes a solitary choice. Some of these choices are as follows:

  • When the buyers prefer hiring or working with new manufacturers/suppliers
  • When the buyers start noticing quality issues in the delivered goods/products
  • Recurrent complaints on the quality of the product delivered
  • While buying sophisticated items, such as high-end electronics and/or industrial equipment, etc.

What Are The Essential Features Of A Successful TPI Company? 

  • A database of qualified and skilled inspectors
  • ISO certification that certifies the company as a TPI service provider
  • Ability to Conduct On-Site inspection
  • A strong knack for serving customers To meet their needs and expectation
  • The company must have in-depth knowledge in using the latest inspection technologies
  • Ability to deliver the report on time.

Summing Up:

So, you see that the demand for a specialist provider of Third-Party Inspection Services is increasing rather consistently in India and abroad. If you are also willing to hire the best company, then you must put some extra effort to find and then collaborate with the best agency only.


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