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Third Party Inspection Agency for Inspection Services

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Third-Party Inspection Service

Third Party Inspection Agency for Inspection Services

Third Party Inspection services provided by Inspection Agency –   There mainly 3 types of Inspection Agency as the ISO 17020 – Conformity Assessment –   Requirements for operation of various Types of Bodies performing inspection.


Type- A – Inspection Agency

The Type-A Inspection Agency to be and independent organization and its personnel (Inspector / Engineers) shall not engage in any activities that may conflict with their independence of judgment and integrity in relation to their inspection activities

Inspection Agency shall not be a part of a legal entity that is engaged in design, manufacture, supply, installation, purchase, ownership, use or maintenance of the items inspected

Type-B – Inspection Agency

Type B inspection bodies are separate sections in an organization and they perform inspections only for their own organization or an organization belonging to the same Group

Type-C- Inspection Agency

The Type -C inspection bodies can perform inspections on both their own organization and external organizations. Inspections carried out by Type C inspection bodies cannot be classified as third-party inspections for the same inspection activities because they do not meet the requirements of independence of operations for Type A inspection bodies.

We the above explanation on Types of Inspection Agency – will help the buyers / suppler / Client to select the Third-Party Inspection Agency.

Type -A- inspection Body can be considered as Third-Party Inspection Agency – as they are independent organization dedicated for Third Party Inspection and the integrity of outcome of Inspection results more reliable.

Third Party Inspection Agency for Inspection Services

Generally   when the Buyer / Supplier / Clients – wants to buy the products / services from any organization – But unable to deploy own employee for Full time Inspection or  it is not cost effective or Clients / Buyer /Supplier – do not wants to get the rejections of product at the Time delivery / use.

So In this case Buyer /Clients/ Supplier – appoints the Independent organization for Third Party Inspection.

While Appointment of Third-Party Inspection Agency, generally following criteria of selections are followed by the organization

  • Past Experience of Inspection Agency
  • Market Reputation
  • Competency of Resources
  • Cost of Third-Party Inspection
  • Time suitability (Start of Inspection / Completion of Inspection)


Requirements to perform the Third-Party Inspection

When client / Buyer / Supplier Select the Third-Party Inspection Agency, The Following Inspection they provide to Third Party Inspection Agency (But Not Limited)

  • Copy of Work Order
  • Drawing of Products
  • Inspection Specification
  • QAP
  • Sampling Plan

 Types of Third-Party Inspection Activities

Generally, the Third-Party Inspection are carried out in the Following Stages

  • Raw Material Inspection
  • In- Process Inspection
  • Final Inspection
  • Pre-shipment Inspection
  • Container Loading Inspection
  • Capacity Verification / Factory Inspection

So, while selecting the Third-Party Inspection the client / Buyer / Supplier – Clarify the Types of Inspection required. Based on the requirement, Competency, Time delivery and Cost of Inspection – They Select the Third-Party Inspection agency.


Third Party Inspection Report

Generally, the Third-Party Inspection Agency have their own reporting methods, but some case the Client / Buyer/ Supplier – provide the own standard format in Reporting the Inspection Results.

As a Standard practice the Inspection Report will have the following information (At Least)

  • Name of Product
  • Reference Drawing/ Specification/ Inspection instruction
  • Instruments used
  • Record Verification Details
  • Inspection Observations
  • Photographs of Product at each stage of Inspection

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