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Third Party Inspection Agency

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Third Party Inspection Agency

Third Party Inspection Agency is a professional and independent organization which are complying the requirement of standard ISO 17020:2012 – Requirements for the operation of various types of bodies performing inspection, Also Third-Party Inspection agencies are generally accredited by Accreditation Body.

The Third-Party Inspection Agencies- Accredited by Any Accreditation Body – are being generally more reliable Inspection Agency (But it is not Mandatory) – Because the accreditation of a Third-Party Inspection Body is granted by meeting the compliance requirements of ISO 17020 requirement.


The Most important aspects of an Inspection Agency are

  • Accreditation of Inspection Agency
  • Independence and Impartiality
  • Past Experience and Market Credibility of Inspection Agency
  • Competency of Inspection Team (Inspectors)
  • Availability and Delivery of Inspection services to meets the Clients requirements
  • Fee structure charges

These are the key factors generally clients must look into prior to selection of Third-Party Inspection Agency for performing the inspection on behalf of Clients.


Types of Inspection Agency

There are 3 Types of Inspection as ISO 17020:2012 are,

-Type-A Inspection Agency

-Type – B- Inspection Agency

-Type-C- Inspection Agency.


 Each type of Inspection Agency has different purpose and objective to perform the Inspection.

Type- A Inspection Agency are generally considered as more reliable Inspection agency as per the experts view to perform the Third-Party Inspection Services.


Steps of Third-Party Inspection Agency process of Working

  • Receipt of Inspection Call / Query from Clients
  • Communication of Inspection requirements
  • Sending the Proposal
  • Acceptance of Terms & Conditions of Inspection of Inspection Agency
  • Acceptance of Clients requirements for performing the Inspection (Place of Inspection, Inspection Specification / QAP/ any Specific Inspection requirement & Time Line for delivery of Inspection Services)
  • Contract review and sign up the contract for Inspection
  • Perform the Inspection

Inspector Knowledge and Experience

The Competency Requirement of Inspector Performing the Third Party Inspection Activities on Behalf of Third-Party Inspection Agency, should meets the at least followings requirements

  • Required qualifications, training, experience
  • knowledge of the requirements of the inspections to be carried out
  • Knowledge of technology used to manufacture the products  to be inspected
  • Knowledge of the operation of processes and the delivery of services
  • Knowledge use of product
  • Knowledge on defects of the Product
  • Knowledge of failures of products during use
  • Knowledge on any deficiencies in the delivery of services

So, the accredited Type- A – Third Party Inspection Agency are generally most reliable, because the Inspection Team deployed for Inspection meets the competency requirement of ISO 17020 (As Said above). So, the output of Inspection Results will more reliable as Inspection team competency meets the ISO 17020 requirements and Team was witnessed onsite by accredited Body to ensure the competency Compliance.


Third Party Inspection Service Provider in India

We are a Leading Third-Party Inspection Agency in India – Providing Third Party Inspection Services pan India covering all major City of India – we cover the Third-Party Inspection Agency services in- Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad including all major City in India.

We perform the Inspection services in Following area of Inspection

  • Raw Material Inspection
  • In-process Inspection
  • Final Inspection
  • Pre-shipment Inspection
  • Container Loading Inspection

Above are the key inspection activities, but along with these Third-Party Inspection activities – we also do the Customized Inspection activities to meets the requirements of Clients.


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