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Third Party Inspection


Why Is Third-Party Inspection Required?

If you look at the sharp competition going on in it, then you must understand well that the average manufacturers are always in a hurry to market their products. The consistency in product quality and on time delivery could be a challenge which may cause the rejection at client side there by losses of time and money occurred. Here, in the case of urgency the interests of the customers would be under some kind of threat as the use of low-quality materials can always be a possibility. To stop such practices, the need for Third-Party Inspection Services in India is catching momentum.

Since the providers of these services are neither the manufacturers nor the customers, therefore they can do the Inspection of product impartial manner as per requirement as they do not have any commercial interest except the professional charges for their services.  Third Party Inspection Agency is an Independent and Impartial organization, so that outcome of the Inspection results will be more reliable and give the correct product information on the matter of the quality & Quantity parameters.

For Example

If buyer Planning to get new equipment and machinery? It can be timely, costly and risky, especially when you are dealing with an inspection vendor that is located abroad. Here, you must look for a reliable agency that offers the best and the most trustworthy Third-Party Inspection Services in India. The best third-party inspection vendors take care of all the technicalities that are involved in the process. Right from review to test and then to validation, the agency does everything to bring you the best value for money.

Fundamentals of third-party inspection Services in India:

  • The first phase of third-party inspection is examining quality and quantity of the product
  • Make sure the marking and packing of material is done as per buyer specification
  • Check if the raw material is genuine and as per specified standard.
  • Make sure that banned products are not used or sent by the consignor
  • Ensure the safe and healthy working condition
  • Check to decrease the risk of defective products
  • It ensures the activity Safe and secure.


Types of Third-Party Inspection Activities

Usually, the Third-Party Inspection is undertaken in the following stages:

  • Pre-shipment Inspection
  • Raw Material Inspection
  • Container Loading Inspection
  • Dimensional Verification / Workshop Examination
  • Final Inspection
  • In-Process Inspection

Types of Third-Party Inspection Agencies in India:

Type- A–Inspection Agency

This type of agency must be an independent agency and its employees, including inspectors and engineers, must not engage themselves in any activities. They need to restrict them from involving in any kind of conflict with the judgment and integrity of the inspection activities. The agency shall not be a part of any legal entity that is related to the company in any form!

Type-B-Inspection Agency

This second type of investigation agency is separate departments within an organization. They shoulder the task of doing inspection only for their organization or another organization within the same group of companies!

Type-C-Inspection Agency

This type of inspection company is liable to perform investigations on their organization and other external companies. The task done by this category of investigation agency is not as third-party inspection as they do not meet the needs of operations for Type A inspection bodies.

If you are an organization looking for the most dependable agency for the Third-Party Inspection Services in India, then you must never ignore the information that this post includes.

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