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Why It Is Necessary To Require IMS Certification For Every Business ?

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Why It Is Necessary To Require IMS Certification For Every Business ?

Organizational discipline and management is vital to achieve the laid goals and objectives of every company. But frequent issues may arise in any department owing to a broken system, lack of technical know how in production or integration loss between departments. These loopholes mostly occur due to operational mismanagement from failure to adapt a system where it is unified in an efficient framework.

An Integrated Management System or called IMS Certification amalgamates all of an organization vital systems including processes and procedures into one comprehensive structure that enables it to work in collaboration with different departments simultaneously and as a single unit with unified objectives.

Management issues are treated separately by organizations as an individual entity and hence, they miss the collaboration they need and in a project, conflicts are realized.When an IMS Certification is initiated, it provides audit within the organization to proceed with both the quality management system and Environmental and Health and Safety issues, etc.

ISO certifications relating to various systems included in IMS:

QMS Quality Management System

A quality management system (QMS) is a set of standards including order processes, statistical standards, measurement control, internal audits, corrective action and preventive actions integral to effective planning and execution of business systems within an organization that influence customer requirements. ISO 9001:2015 is one of them.

EMS Environmental Management System
An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a number of procedures that reduce environment impact from an organization and improve its working efficiency and overall performance by reducing wastage and adapting ways to support environment.

SMS Safety Management System
Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems are aimed at ensuring the safety of an organization’s workforce and utilizing ways to mitigate workplace risk in the backdrop of a healthy and safe environment for the people.

EnMS Energy Management System
An EnMS is basically utilized to reduce undue energy consumption and avoid wasteful procedures that increase an organizations energy usage and impact.

FSMS Food Safety Management System
Another integral system called Food Safety Management System is vital to the food industry where food for consumption must follow certain guidelines of production like raw material storage, temperature needed for heat treatment, critical points, and others to ensure the making of quality product for human consumption.

ISMS Information Security Management System
An Information Security Management System audits data flow within an organization. It overlays plans to make information sharing secure through complicated procedures and firewalls, data encryption so that data theft cannot occur and company’s confidentiality is not compromised.

An Integrated Management System (IMS Certification) does address the company’s objectives at once. OSS Certification provides IMS without negotiating on quality and security issues. Should you need your objectives at once, do not forget to call us for prominent certification services and audit.

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