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All About Lead Auditor Training

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Lead Auditor Training

Lead auditors are the ones who lead the certification teams which are sent to assess the Quality Management System (QMS). The function of lead auditor training plays a very important role in the certification audit’s effectiveness.

Lead auditors have very critical roles to carry out. A person requires proper training and certification to become a lead auditor.

What is the main objective of lead auditor training?

The main objective of Lead Auditor Training is to make a person efficient and knowledgeable enough to carry out first, second, and third-party audits. Lead Auditor Training is a very relevant form of training offered across the world.

Some of the objectives of the lead auditor training are as follows:

  • To gain knowledge of QMS in accordance with ISO standards.
  • To have a deep understanding of what the role of an auditor is.
  • To learn how to plan, lead, and follow up on a management system audit in accordance with the standards.
  • Learn how to plan and lead an audit, draft reports, and follow up on an audit and ensure compliance with ISO 19011.
  • To gain expertise on how to lead an audit and an audit team.

Why should you opt for lead auditor training?

The lead auditor training helps you to develop the required skills to carry out a Quality Management System (QMS) audit.

With the help of the training, you will gain knowledge and expertise to plan and perform internal and external audits. You will also be able to carry out the audits in compliance with the standards of ISO 19011 as well as standards of ISO 17021 for third-party audits.

On the basis of the practical courses, you will be to grasp the audit techniques. You will also gain the expertise to manage an audit program, and audit team, communication with clients, and resolution of disputes.

What are the steps to becoming a lead auditor?

There are three steps you need to know before you venture to become a lead auditor. They are highlighted below:

1) The first step is that you must have prior experience in working for a job that is associated with understanding the procedures and processes of the QMS.

This prior experience will aid you in understanding, as an auditor, the various implementations of the processes. It is very crucial for you to comprehend the implementation of the processes if you are going to be associated with carrying out process audits. Process audits are performed to assess the entire process.

2) Next is that you’ll need to attend the lead auditor training. Most training usually is scheduled for five days although some may vary.

Although the training may vary from one to another, the content that is being taught will remain more or less the same. You must also remember that only attending the sessions is not enough you must also pass the auditor exam.

3) The last step is for you to find a certification body. Every certification body will have training that you must complete before you can become a lead auditor. It is compulsory for you to get expertise as a certification auditor before you are eligible to lead a team.

Lead Auditor Training is a personal certification for the professional who is into the Management System standard activities also it is an evidence of Knowledge and proficiency of skill in different Management System Standards

The most widely Lead Audit Training and Certification used by professionals are

ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Training

ISO 14001 Lead Auditor Training

ISO 45001 Lead Auditor Training

ISO 22000 Lead Auditor Training

ISO 27001 Lead Auditor Training

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