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Benefits of Environmental Management System (EMS).

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What Is Environmental Management System (EMS)?

An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a formal and systematic framework that is aimed at improving the impact of the business/ company on the environment and also addresses governmental regulations.

International Organization for Standardization; ISO 14001 Certification is the most widely used standard for EMS.


Benefits of Environmental Management System (EMS)

The benefits of your business implementing an effective EMS are as follows:

1) A reduction in negative environmental impacts.

2) Improved reputation.

3) Enhancement in regulatory performance and therefore lower risk of fines for not adhering to environmental legislation.

4) A reduction in waste.

5) Draws more customers, investors, and shareholders.

6) Profits increase due to lower costs.

7) Increased credibility.

8) Ensuring a holistic approach to environmental impact.

9) Improved employee morale.

10) Resource conservation.


Basic Elements of Environmental Management System (EMS)

The basic elements of an environmental management system are as follows:

1) Assessing the environmental goals of the organization/ business.

2) Analysing the environmental impacts of the organization/ business.

3) Analysing the legal requirements.

4) Establishing environmental objectives or goals so as to comply with the environmental impacts and legal requirements.

5) Planning procedures or programs to meet these goals.

6) Monitoring the progress in meeting these objectives.

7) Bringing forth programs to educate the employees on environmental impacts to enhance their awareness.

8) Reviewing the progress brought forth by the environmental management system.

9) Continuously making improvements.

10) Non-compliance investigations.

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