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Environmental Management and Its Benefits

ISO 14001 Certification

Environmental Management System and Its Benefits

Requirements of ISO 14001 Certification

ISO 14001:2015 is an Environment Management system standard that provides guidelines and requirements to minimize and control the pollution generated in the organization due to its product/processes or services. EMS enables the organization to utilize and reduce the natural resources i.e. Water, Air, Land, Energy consumption to obtain its environmental sustainability, prevention of pollution, environment conservation, and continuous environmental performance delivery through effective monitoring of the effectiveness of EMS.

The key objective of EMS is to enhance the environmental performance, Fulfillment of compliance obligation, achieve the organizational EMS objectives, reduce pollution at the workplace etc..

ISO 14001 emphases on process approach that enables an organization to plan its processes and their interactions Considering the PDCA model.

  • Plan – establish environmental objectives and processes necessary to deliver results in accordance with the organization’s environmental policy.
  • DO – implement the processes as planned.
  • Check – monitor & Measure processes against the organization’s EMS policy, including its commitments, objectives, operation criteria, and the results.
  • Act – take action for continual improvements.

The primary requirements are to identify Environmental Aspects and its Impact over the environment and organizations control over it, identify the operational control to reduce the impact, implement admin, engineering control to minimize the impact, comply to the applicable legal requirements and to its conditions The success of an environmental management system depends on commitment from all levels and functions of the organization, led by top management.

 ISO certification can be obtained after there is the effective implementation of the EMS in any organization, the implementation can be done by the organization by its trained employee or by any independent consultants, the organization needs to integrate the ISO 14001 requirements to the organization business processes to get the optimum benefits of the ISO 14001 Certification.

Documents required for ISO 14001 Certification.

Basic documents required for ISO 14001 Certification.

  • EMS Manual
  • Procedures
  • Environmental Policy
  • Internal / external issues
  • Needs and expectation of interested parties
  • Risk assessment
  • Aspect impact analysis
  • Legal Register and Record of Compliance
  • Reports of Mock drill
  • Environmental Monitoring records
  • Operational control records
  • Record Non conforming outputs
  • Corrective Preventive action record
  • Internal Audit Record
  • Management review Record
  • Continual improvement records

Benefits of ISO 14001 Certification

  • controlled pollution level
  • improved environment performance
  • Eco-friendly product/process approach
  • Legal requirements comply
  • Reduced waste management
  • Safe workplace
  • Less wastages
  • Satisfied interested parties
  • Eco-friendly work environment

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