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Food Safety Management and Requirements

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ISO 22000 Certification

Food Safety Management and Requirements


The Opening Thought!

Food is a necessity, and all living beings need food to survive. However, none of them except human beings need quality food items that meet some quality parameters. If the food items are not good and nutritious, then they suffer from malnutrition. Though the impact of such food items varies from one person to another, children face the worst consequences.

To meet the recommended food standards and parameters, Food Safety Management comes into play!  The term ‘food safety’ stands for the practices that make food safe for consumption. Here, the entire industry related to the manufacturing of various food items to processing is required to follow the recommendations of Food Safety Management, contained in ISO 22000 Certification.



Various Things That Lay Some Impact on Food Safety

Food Safety experts consider various things that are extremely critical that leave some deep impact on food safety parameters. Some of the most prominent ones are as follows:

  • No or least awareness of food safety
  • Improper conditions of the place where food items get ready
  • Lack of knowledge about the same is also a serious concern for the Experts
  • Contaminations of the food products
  • Improper management of various food products
  • Lack of right techniques/infrastructure for Food Storage & Preservation
  • Poor or improper transportation techniques also create worries
  • Poor hygiene and health condition of the people who actually handle the Food Products



The Need for ISO 22000 Certification: Food Safety Management System Certification

The end results of consuming unsafe and unhealthy food can be dangerous. The food safety management standards by ISO help entities at various levels to recognize and regulate food safety threats. Applicable to all types of producers and other entities, ISO 22000 Certification provides a degree of declaration in the existing global food supply chain. The certification helps products cross borders and bring people food that they can trust. Food standards contained in ISO 22000 can benefit everyone, including producers and manufacturers, suppliers and retailers, and, of course, the end-users, the consumers like me and you.



Benefits Of Getting ISO 22000 Certification: Food Safety Management System Certification

The ISO experts are sure in their view that the regulations contained in ISO 22000 can bring multiple benefits to everyone. These benefits may include the following:

  • Increase in the profits
  • Regulate and abolish risks related to food safety
  • Recurrently progress in the procedures needed for providing safe food
  • Ability to gain more business
  • Endorse cross-border trade
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Recognition as a brand in the food supply industry
  • Legal Compliance
  • Real-time customer credentials



How Food Safety Management System ISO 22000 Helps Everyone Related to Food:

With some of the most consumer-friendly facilities, ISO 22000 Helps everyone with food safety measures. These measures include:

  • Food Safety Management
  • Food chain maintenance
  • Benefits from the Farmers to the consumers
  • Risk controls
  • Maintaining perfect balance in the supply chain
  • Food business strategy



Establishing The Food Safety Policy and Procedures

Some of the prominent objectives of the food safety management system and planning to achieve them include the following:



  • Work Atmosphere
  • Alertness and Training
  • Creation of the flow diagrams


Preconditioning Programs (PRPs)

  • Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • Risk Analysis
  • Risk identification and resolution of adequate levels


Hazard Control Plan

  • Authentication of control measure
  • Determination of critical limits and action criteria
  • Monitoring systems at CCPs and for OPRPs
  • Handling of potentially unsafe products


Obtaining ISO 22000 Certification:

Technically, the process of obtaining ISO 22000 certification is slightly time-consuming but the expertise of ISO professionals can always ease the task to a considerable level.

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