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How To Get Information Security Certification

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Information Security Certification

Now managing the information and controlling the data is a concern for every organization either Big or Small organization. The organizational information and data are a key part of the Business secret, keeping the Information & data confidential is the organization’s credibility. Now, most organizations manage information by digital methods for the related factors that could be in Easy Access, establish the security, protection, automation of our daily work, and advertising in the global market.

The best way is to get Information Security Certification with the certification body and any type of organization can take the certification for information security, the requirements of Information Security are stated in ISO 27001 Certification.

Every organization is thinking about how to get Information Security certification for the organization and its control.

The organization seeking information security, first of all, should identify their internal and external issues related to Information security within the organization and need to know the needs & Expectations of the interested party. Address the Applicable regulatory requirements related to information security (For example:- Issues related to network, Email, humans, Server, and application ) and find out the significant issue of the organization from internal and external issues, then make a plan for control by help of the responsible person, then establish the Assessment Method, finalize the control based on the risk and the put the control.

Assess the current control of Information security within the organization. Evaluate the Risk of Information security and established the Controls of Information security considering the Risk Level. Training the employee on controls established and implementing the Information security Controls as each function within the organization where Information security is a concern. Monitor the Effectiveness of Controls if is found effective continue with Controls and if it is not effective modify the controls and re-evaluate the control etc.

The organization might worry about why information security certification and what are necessary factors for the Information Security certification i.e. what is the requirement of the ISO Certification Body for Information Security certification for an Organization, what is costing for the certification of information security, what is the Procedure, the policy required for the information security certification, what are the document required for Information security Certification.

Now I would like to explain the answer to the common question about the Information security of any organization.

First of all Information security needs to set the purpose and Boundary of Information security according to the information value.In the process of Information security, they have to centralize the information and put the authority to access the information and put the control of information by an authorized person and maintain all documents related to the process of organization, the procedure of information control, and effectiveness of the information security.

Information Security Certification helps the organization maintain credibility and buildup confidence among the customers.

Then identify the process involved in performing any organization for Information security to maintain the sequence of the Information, Set up the specification & Criteria for performing each process, and arrange the resources for information. Monitor the performance of each process of each control that is established through the organization and they have to check the effectiveness of controls.

Develop the Information security Manual, Information security Policy, and Applicability of Information security in line with ISO 27001:2013 requirements Establish the Information security policy and objective. Set the role and responsibility of each person related to information security within the organization and monitor the performance of the responsible person performing effectively or not if not then just provide awareness about information security. Provide awareness training to each person on information security requirements, Information security policy, objective, process, procedure, criteria, control, etc.

Conduct the Internal Audit and Management review meeting on the implemented information security System every 3 months or as desired by the organization.

Information Security Certification Process

After implementation and conducting Internal Audit & MRM, Apply to Certification Body for information security certification for the organization. The certification body will visit your Organization and conduct the Audit as per the given plan and schedule of audit stage-1 and stage-2. The Audit team leader will prepare the Audit Report and submit it to the Certification Body for review and to take a certification decision at the same time, they will provide you with a copy of the report to know the weakness and strengths of your organization. Based on the certification decision of the Information security certificate of the organization shall be issued.

Information Security Certification Cost for the Organization

In general practice, the cost of certification shall be derived considering, Number of the employee (Full time/ Part-time/ Subcontracted), the Level of Information security Risk, the Number of Users, the Number of servers, the Number of PC, the Number of working shifts, Number of Sites covered under the certification and number of Remote Site, etc. The Information Security cost of certification is not fixed it is based on the factors said above.

Information Security Certification Bodies in India

There are many Certification Bodies in India – but it is advisable to choose an ISMS certification body that has the accreditation from an authorized accreditation body like JAS-ANZ is a member of IAF or any other accreditation body. The second parameter for selection of a certification body is the cost of information security certification and if possible the service of the certification body is available and able to reach your area/city for the audit etc.

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