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ISO 14001 Certification -Environmental Management EMS

ISO 14001 Certification

ISO 14001 Certification -Environmental Management EMS

Environmental Management System -ISO 14001:2015 in short, we can also say it is EMS (Environmental Management System)

Before proceeding to subject matter ISO 14001 Certification -Environmental Management EMS

Let’s understand the concept of Environment, Environmental Management and Environmental Management System.

What is Environment?

Environment is the surroundings in which we live, society, city, state, country, people, business including Air, water, land flora, fauna, natural resources, ecosystem, climate, biodiversity and their interrelationships.  As we know that good Environments keeps good Health condition and also affects the many factors of Environment.

What is Environmental Management?

The environmental Management is a degree of management of Environmental condition at the point of time to reduce the impact of environmental aspects on the Environment.

What is Environmental Management System?

Environmental Management System is a management of environment in a systematic manner as per laid down policy, procedure with objective to prevent the pollutions by effectively management of impact of Environmental aspects, full fill compliance obligation (applicable legal and other requirement related to Environment) and address the Risk & opportunity.

Now we have understood the Environment, Environmental Management and Environmental Management System.

Now Let’s Understand- What is ISO 14001 Certification – Environmental Management System

Environmental Management System – ISO 14001 :2015 Standards is an EMS Standards published by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in year 2015. This EMS standard have specific requirements related to Environmental Management. As per Environmental Management System Standard   the requirement of ISO 14001 is provided in Clause #1 to Clause # 10. where the requirement for implementation of Environmental Management ISO 14001 is given in Clause 4 to Clause 10.

The Key Environmental Management System requirements to be focused while taking Environmental Management System implementation for ISO 14001 Certification

Identification of Environmental aspects and Analysis of Its Impact on Environment

Environmental Aspects is the activities /Products/ process / services of the organization which interact with environment and creates the pollutions. For Example – Running of Plan & Machinery in the organization – Which may create Noise Pollution – This noise Pollution is Environmental Aspects. In the Same Example case – Use of Electricity for Running the Plant & Machineries – Where Consumption of Electricity – could be an Environmental Aspects – Because it is a depletion of Natural resources.

So, by taking the above Example – while identification of Environmental Aspects the organization look into the entire activities /Products/ process / services to find the possible environmental Aspects.

After Finding the Environmental Aspects – Do the Impact Analysis on the Environment. There may be possibility Some of Environmental Aspects impact is Significant to Environment and some of may be non-Significant.

So, address the Significant Environmental Aspects by taking necessary action to reduce the its impact on the Environment.

Compliance obligations


The Compliance obligations is nothing but is a Legal and other requirement related to Environmental Management – Which is may be requirement of Local Govt, Regulatory Body, Client’s requirement, Interested Party requirements.

In this requirement the organization while implementing Environmental Management System -EMS for ISO 14001 Certification.

The organization do the Following activities

  • Identify the Applicable legal and other requirements
  • Prepare the Legal Register
  • Maintain the Compliance of Legal and other requirements.
  • Timely Review the legal and other requirement for amendment & changes – If any amendments in requirement – Keep update the legal register & compliances.

These are the key requirements to be taken into consideration while implementing the Environmental Management System EMS for ISO 14001 Certification.

Please note that there are many other requirements which we will cover in our next blog – which are equally important for ISO 14001 Certification.

For More Information about How to get ISO 14001 Certification, kindly watch the video provided below.

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